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Rams-Chiefs: The Turf Show Times’ Staff Predicts A Winner

The St. Louis Rams will travel cross-state to take on the Kansas City Chiefs in Week 8. Twelve members of the Turf Show Times’ staff predict the game’s outcome...

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

The St. Louis Rams haven’t played the Kansas City Chiefs in regular season play since 2010.  The Chiefs walked away from the Edward Jones Dome victors that day, besting the Rams 27-13. But these aren’t Steve Spagnuolo’s Rams...and they’re not Todd Haley’s Chiefs.

Can the [2-4] Rams travel cross-state and beat the [3-3] Chiefs at Arrowhead in this Week 8 Governor’s Cup matchup?  Twelve Turf Show Times' experts weigh in...

northwestRAMSfan [@troilus22]

The Rams finally displayed the gameplan we all expected in 2014 during their home victory over the Seattle Seahawks. It wasn't pretty, but they won with an effective ground game, pressure from the defensive line (first half especially), and impact plays from the Special Teams. Limiting Austin Davis' attempts also limited the likelihood of costly errors, maximizing his value by allowing him to pick his spots instead of forcing the ball downfield. Looking ahead to the Kansas City Chiefs the Rams will need to stick to the formula in order to get their first road win of the Octet of Pain.

The Rams have done a very nice job against starting RBs in the 2014 season, and they will face another stiff challenge as they try to contain Jamaal Charles and the Chiefs 3rd ranked rushing attack. The Rams defensive line will need to continue applying pressure to the QB when opportunities arise to limit the pressure on the young secondary. On offense the team needs to continue to run the ball against a Chiefs defense that is more vulnerable to the run than the pass in 2014. If the Rams can travel to Arrowhead and come out either even or positive in the turnover margin they should be able to steal a victory. I predict a Rams running back finally breaks the century mark in 2014, and Austin Davis goes another game without an interception as the Rams win, 24-17

Outcome: Rams win, 24-17

Mike D [@dvond]

The Rams had everything go their way last week and still needed 2 crazy special teams plays to pull out a 2 point win at home. This is not sustainable long term as the defense is a dumpster fire ranked in bottom 5 in a ton of major categories and most importantly PPG at 29. The Chiefs are playing well and Charles is such a different kind of RB they have faced all year plus Alex Smith is a top 5 running QB which has given the Rams a ton of problems. Austin Davis will continue to do a good job playing way above average but playing in a tough environment I do not think he can get to 30 points which is needed to win with the Rams defense.

Outcome:  Chiefs win, 28-17

sergey606 [@thatsergey]

Awesome, Rams got a win against a division rival and the defending Super Bowl champs! However, continuing winning is a huge part of becoming a winner - you're welcome, Trent Dilfer.

On to the prediction: Jamaal Charles should get contained, the Rams have managed to bottle almost all stud RBs except Murray, but no one can contain him. The key to the Rams defense will be LB play and covering KC's TEs. Rams offense has been better than expected and we'll see if this continues. On paper I can see the Rams winning 24-17, but this team manages to disappoint its fans somehow. So my prediction is: Chiefs 27, Rams 21 - Rob Riggle gets really drunk and passes out half naked in the Chiefs parking lot after the game.

Outcome:  Chiefs win, 27-21

VTRamsFan [@PeterDunbar]

Unlike many, I have refrained from jubilee and talks of a turnaround after the win against Seattle. While there were improvements, signs of youth were still very eminent. We did just enough to squeeze out the win thanks to an impressive outing by our special teams, and a fourth quarter TD drive led by QB Austin Davis. Make no mistake about it, this could have just as easily been another squandered lead and loss.

Still, the Rams have improved and I won't take that away from them. That said we can not continue to rely on rope-a-dope punt returns and fake punts for victories. This team still has a long way to go, and this win at Seattle was like an unexpected Christmas bonus while working for a company teetering on the verge of bankruptcy.

I expect the rams to play tough at least through the first quarter, but unfortunately there will be no miracle special teams plays this week. The Chiefs at home should keep the Rams contained, and they should come out with a fairly easy win.The Rams will be improved, but just not quite get it done in a tough road game.

Outcome: Chiefs win, 31-20 in the Governor’s Cup

EddieP [@iAmEddieP_]

The Rams are what we thought they are, a team that that devastates for one half, and crumbles in the other.

The Rams did just enough to squeeze out a win versus the Seahawks, but the odds are against us. I do not see the Rams getting lucky twice.

Outcome:  Chiefs win, 27-20.

CharlesMartel [@CharlesMartel19]

Coming off an impressive road win in San Diego, the Chiefs are going to be looking to build on that to keep up with a tough AFC West division. Naturally, the Rams will look to turn their improbable win vs Seattle into a streak.

The Chiefs are ranked third in rushing yardage, while ranked 15th in rushing yards allowed. The Rams, in contrast are 18th and 27th, respectively. Once again, the Rams face a backfield hydra in Jamaal Charles, Knile Davis and Alex Smith. The St. Louis squad has been adept at slowing one rushing threat while being hacked by another. With Kansas City relying heavily on their rushing attack, the Rams must find a way to stop all of the runners. If they can do that, they win as the Chiefs passing game doesn't strike fear into anyone.

These are two evenly matched teams that will both try to run the ball. Both will succeed to a point, but the better run defense will win this game. It will be close.

Bold Prediction- Zac Stacy gets the start for the Rams

Outcome:  Rams win, 21-17

Joe Stanfill [@papapegasus]

The Kansas City Chiefs are a pretty good team, but they've lost 4 out of their last 5 games at home. The Rams, coming off of a big upset of the Seattle Seahawks, look to win the Battle of Missouri. The Chief's run defense is suspect, and St. Louis has yet to fully engage the running game. This is mostly due to the better than expected performance of Austin Davis and the renewed passing game happening in the Lou. I expect for this to be the game that the three headed monster of Stacy, Cunningham, and Mason is unleashed. The Chiefs possess one of the NFL's most scary backfields, featuring Jamaal Charles and Knile Davis, who have combined for 642 yards rushing thus far. If the Rams can limit those two just a tad, the Rams can capitalize on Andy Reid's propensity to shut down the running game and let Alex Smith sling the rock.

For the Rams to succeed they will have to key on linebackers Justin Houston (7 sacks 1 forced fumble), and Tamba Hali (4 sacks, 3 forced fumbles, 1 fumble return), who are having career years so far. Limit the damage they do in the backfield and the Rams can continue to use Austin Davis's quick arm and good decision making ability. Ain't gonna lie, I think this game will turn out to be much harder for the Rams to win than the previous week's bought against the Seahawks. Both teams will take advantage of average run defenses and pound the rock. I've got to give the advantage to the Chiefs on the ground, but I think St. Louis get's the job done and eventually wraps this up through the air.

Outcome:  Rams win, 31-24

misone [@MightyOrMisone]

There's no game on the schedule I have looked forward to more than this one. Since about February I have felt that the Rams were going to win this game. In fact the only other game on the schedule I felt was an absolute given was the Raiders. But then everything changed as the season began.The Chiefs have suffered injuries to both Eric Berry and Derrick Johnson, with the latter's being season ending. This Chiefs defense has looked vulnerable at times without them.

Then there's Alex Smith. The guy Rams' fans know all too well. He's looking like vintage Alex Smith this year. Truthfully this team only has one player it can rely on and that is Jamaal Charles. There's not many running backs, or even players for that matter, that I respect more than Charles. The guy just shows up to work everyday and never says a word. Truly a special player, that does not get the recognition that he deserves.

I had the Rams picked to win this game before the Chiefs began to look like a shell of themselves from last year. Now with the team playing as up and down as they have been and the injuries as well, I see the Rams sticking a foot up their ass, and then proceeding to stomp. While the Rams have been inconsistent themselves, they have controlled every game this season except for one. Allowing teams to comeback takes both screw ups on the leading teams end, as well as being competent and skilled enough to see your chance to make your move on the losing teams end. I believe the Rams passing game will take advantage of this Chiefs secondary, and the Rams old friend Alex Smith gives the defense a few gifts as well. Expect some sacks and interceptions in this one. Jamaal Charles simply will not be enough. The Chiefs will struggle with the speed of the Rams on both sides.

Outcome:  Rams win, 34-13

DouglasM [@thenovelroad]

Kansas City is burning hot-ish right now. Led by former 49ers quarterback Alex Smith - who has a 22-18 record against NFC West opponents since 2005 - the Chiefs have found a "steady" guy to steer their Andy Reid offense. But "steady" isn't going to get this game in the win column for Kansas City. Jamaal Charles will be key, but so will Smith's ability to wring out a big play or two against a Rams defense that's fared pretty well against top tier running backs.

The Rams offensive line needs to string another sound performance together. If they don't, Austin Davis is going to get eaten alive by a totally under-reported defensive front seven, who have 17 sacks this season.

The Chief's have a really light injury list, missing safety Eric Berry most of all. Travis Kelce could be hobbled by a rib injury, but that's about it. Unlike the Seattle game, the Rams will be facing a pretty healthy team in their home stadium. While the current 6 point spread favors Kansas City, this game could be a trap game for a team breathing easier after taking down San Diego in week #7. I look for a low scoring contest for the Chiefs to win. If points start flying onto the scoreboard, Kansas City could find themselves on the wrong end of a shootout.

Given that this is a re-kindled edition of the Governors' Cup, I'd like to think the Rams will sneak this one by a sluggish Kansas City team.

Outcome: Rams win, 34-17

C_Daniel [@C_Dizzle48]

The Chiefs find themselves in a similar situaion to the in-state rival Rams, coming off of a huge win against a division rival. Desperate to keep pace in their respective divisions, both teams need a win. The Chiefs have won three out of their last four. The Rams are trying to string two wins together for the first time this year. The Rams contain Jamaal Charles just enough to pull out a two point victory.

Outcome:  Rams win, 23-21

3k [@3k_]

He is the bringer of pain. Time slows. I see nothing in the shadows, only the silence. The silence that quells me and leaves me less than I was.

Outcome:  Chiefs win, 30-13

Brandon Bate [@NoPlanB_]

The first question that comes to mind when I contemplate whether or not the Rams can win this game is:  Can the Rams’ defense limit the potential damage the Chiefs’ run game can cause? Heading into Week 8, the Rams have allowed more 20+ yard runs [9] than any team in the NFL.  Enter Jamaal Charles, a running back who can chew up some serious yards if allowed to get outside the tackles.

The Rams, however, have made adjustments and are vastly improved in this regard.  Six of the aforementioned nine 20+ yard runs came before the team’s Week 4 bye.  Gregg Williams and his defense still need to be prepared for a heavy dose of the Charles/Knile Davis show, as the Chiefs - who rank 30th in the league in passing yards - don’t rely on putting the ball in the air to move downfield.

It’ll be a similar game plan for the Rams [offensively] this Sunday.  And we could be witnessing the "three headed monster" rushing attack - Zac Stacy, Tre Mason, and Benny Cunningham - in full force.  Head Coach Jeff Fisher, leaving a bit of uncertainty for his opponent, said earlier this week, "It’ll be a week-to-week thing. Zac could get 25 carries this week."  He and Brian Schottenheimer have also noted that they’ll roll with the "hot hand" approach later in games.

My guess is that we’re in store for more of the same from the Rams:  proving efficient on offense early, scoring touchdowns instead of field goals, and getting up by a couple of score.  Then they’ll do what they do...allow the opponent to get back in the game, keeping it within reach until the games final play.

Something’s got to give though, and I doubt it’ll be due to another weekend filled with special teams highlight-reel plays.  The Rams defense - specifically the front four - shows up big this Sunday, and is the true difference-maker in this one.  "Sack city" takes a 241-mile bus trip to Arrowhead this weekend.

Outcome:  Rams Win, 27-23


Seven of the TST experts are taking the Rams to string together back-to-back wins for the first time in 2014...perhaps fueled by the confidence coming off a big win over the defending champs.  Only one [of fourteen] staff members picked the Rams last week.

History - at least in regular season play - would tell us the Chiefs should feel pretty good about securing victory heading into their Week 8 "Governor’s Cup" matchup.  They hold a 5-0 record against the [STL] Rams [2010, 2006, 2002, 2000, 1997].

There’s a first time for everything, right?  RIGHT?!