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The Stretch That Will Define the Rams' Season

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Here comes the most brutal stretch of our schedule. Will the Rams be able to survive this gauntlet?

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The St. Louis Rams find themselves with a 2-4 record seven weeks into the season. However, a win over the defending Super Bowl champs is bound to inject confidence into any team with any record.

Given the way the Rams defeated the Seahawks, there appears to be a slim chance of St. Louis resurfacing as a contender in the NFC West this year. That is, until you view the upcoming schedule.

The Rams’ next five games are against teams that went a combined 55-25 last year. Four out of those next five games are on the road. A week 11 showdown starring Peyton Manning and the 2013 AFC Champion Denver Broncos is our only home game between now and the last day of November. The Broncos game will probably be an honorary home game for the road team, but that’s another topic for another time.

In order for the Rams to survive this tough stretch of upcoming games, a multitude of areas need drastic improvement. Getting off the field on third down, points per game (offensively and defensively) and the lack of turnovers are areas that need an immediate turn around.

The Chiefs, 49ers, Cardinals, Broncos, and Chargers are pretty good on the money down. They are all in the top half of the league in terms of offensive third down conversions. For what it’s worth, St. Louis is a top 10 team in that category.

Defensively however, the Rams give up third down conversions 45% of the time. After watching Seattle convert on several third and long situations, this is obviously an area of concern. The top 10 teams in the league in this category allow opposing teams to move the chains on third down an average of only 34.4%.

The Rams hemorrhage 29.3 points per game while only scoring 21.5 points per game. St. Louis’ six takeaways this year are near the bottom of the NFL. These statistics will lead to a top 10 pick in the 2015 NFL Draft if they don’t get corrected asap.

The good news is that the Rams have played well in spirts in every game except against the Vikings. If St. Louis can learn how to put together a complete game, all of the above stats will begin to improve in our favor.

The coaches stepped up their game, as well the payers with much better execution for the most part. Here’s to hoping these turn into trends and the Seahawks’ game is not a blip on the radar.