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Random Ramsdom 10/21: Two wins & Four losses.

The Rams finally put together their first win of the season against a team that wasn't the Buccaneers. However, it looked eerily similar to earlier games this season as the Rams choked up a 21-3 lead which was only preserved by a questionable call on the last play of the game.

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Monday Wrap-Up

--- Wide Receiver Austin Pettis Waived ---
He alongside practice squad teammate Emory Blake reportedly were late for a team meeting. That's a big no-no.

--- Rams Stun Slumping Seahawks ---
Technically, this was  Sunday, but I'm sure we all had the Rams on our minds enough today after their upset win that it seems liked it was  Monday, right?


Upcoming Opponent: Kansas City Chiefs

--- Jeff Fisher Ready to Move on to Chiefs ---
Fisher fields media questions, but is looking forward to the team's next match-up.

--- Chiefs' Fans Share Similar Worries ---
Chiefs' fans over on the Arrowhead Pride also worry about late-game collapses, but they don't seem to take St. Louis seriously.

--- Chiefs' Blueprint ---
Jeff  Fisher needs to check this out.


Player Spotlight: Tre Mason

--- Mason's Time to Shine ---
Despite seeing limited action to begin the season, Tre Mason looked the part on Sunday.


QB Monitor

--- Austin Davis Mans the Mic ---
Like a true professional, Austin Davis speaks about the game against the Seahawks.

--- Davis Halted by Security ---
Poor Davis. Have to wonder how it felt for him.

--- QB Saving Rams' Fan Base ---
Seems to be an overstatement, but it is a good question if the Rams would have any wins without Davis.


Draft Tracker

--- CBS Mock Draft 2015 ---
Almost midway through the season, it's time to start looking at these. Rams are slotted as taking Jameis Winston.


Is St. Louis the right home?

--- Ferguson Protestors and Football Fans Brawl ---
Luckily, nobody was hurt in the incident.

--- Rams Favorites to Move to L.A. ---
It's difficult to make heads or tails of the stadium situation.


Around the League

--- NFL Files Lawsuit Against New Jersey Gambling ---
New Jersey has recently legalized gambling on sports such as the NFL, but the NFL wants no part.


Division Standings

  1. Arizona Cardinals, 5-1
  2. San Francisco 49ers, 4-3
  3. Seattle Seahawks, 3-3
  4. St. Louis Rams, 2-4

The Twittersphere


Stat of the Day
The Rams franchise, for the first time since 1969, would have hit the .500 mark with a loss. Now standing at 529-527-1, this win saves the franchisefrom dipping below the dreaded .500 mark for at least three more games.

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