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Rams security guards don't recognize Austin Davis (UPDATED w/ VIDEO)

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The Rams quarterback probably won't have that problem anymore.

Scott Kane-USA TODAY Sports

This was a good week for Austin Davis. He played another good game, and the rest of his teammates finally did their part for four quarters and a win. But he had a little trouble last week that almost kept him away from the team, thanks to one of the security guards.

To be fair, nobody at the Rams team facility is very good about recognizing talent (hey o!).

It probably won't happen again. Davis' play has become impossible to overlook. He's got a 66 percent completion rate, which is the best mark for a Rams quarterback with at least five starts since 2005. Davis has 1,517 passing yards, nine touchdowns and four interceptions. His average of 7.4 yards per attempt is the highest for any Rams quarterback since 2005 as well.


The quote came from Davis' appearance on this morning's Dan Patrick Show. Video clip below: