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Rams-Seahawks: Updated Playing Time Charts for RBs, TEs, Nickel Formation

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Taking a look at how the Rams are gameplanning the use of their running back committee, tight end depth and nickel/4-3 formations.

Dilip Vishwanat

After the Niners game, I charted how things were shaking out for the running back committee, the wide receivers, the D-line and the nickel v. 4-3 battle. With the win over the Seahawks in the bag, let's re-visit the running backs and defensive formation questions and throw tight end in there.

Running Back

RBs Week 7

That's Zac Stacy falling off the cliff as Tre Mason shoots up above the 50% threshold. This one's fun because it's the most volatile.


D-Line Week 7

Trending up: Quinn, Hayes, Sims (Carrington's coming back off of injury to pre-injury levels, so I won't count him here)

Trending down: Donald (had a HUGE work rate on MNF), Brockers, Langford

Not too much to read into it here. The Rams have the good kind of problem being able to rotate guys based on the gameplan. Execution has been an issue, but yesterday was a good sign that things are getting worked out and the best is still yet to come.

Tight Ends

TEs Week 7

I know Harkey's not really a tight end in the Rams' system, but I wanted to include him here to demonstrate when the Rams are going big. Because while it's a small sample size, I find it quite curious that Harkey's two games with the most playing time were also the Rams' two wins. I recognize it's part of a gameplan and that the turn to a lighter offense against the Niners in week six that featured Kendricks and Harkey at season-low levels didn't just happen, but it's interesting nonetheless.

What other personnel moves are you tracking? Any concerns about the switches despite the big win?