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Rams-Seahawks: Snap Counts (W/ RB poll)

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The Rams' second win featured some notable personnel changes.

Dilip Vishwanat


J Barksdale T 49 100.00%
G Robinson G 49 100.00%
J Long T 49 100.00%
S Wells C 49 100.00%
A Davis QB 49 100.00%
B Quick WR 48 97.96%
R Saffold T 39 79.59%
J Cook TE 36 73.47%
L Kendricks TE 33 67.35%
K Britt WR 30 61.22%
T Mason RB 26 53.06%
C Harkey TE 24 48.98%
T Austin WR 22 44.90%
B Cunningham RB 17 34.69%
D Joseph G 10 20.41%
C Givens WR 5 10.20%
S Bailey WR 2 4.08%
M Person G 1 2.04%
Z Stacy RB 1 2.04%

More to come on this as we continue to look at the committee, but the running game yet again provided an unexpected twist. Yesterday, it was the Tre Mason show with a heavy dose of Benny Cunningham in there especially for passing situations when the Rams weren't empty in the backfield. Whether this was due to a latent Zac Stacy injury or just to throw something unexepected at the Seahawks in large quantities (as the Rams did against Seattle last year on Monday Night Football with Zac Stacy), I'm not sure. But I don't expect a similar plan and/or output in Kansas City on Sunday.

Meanwhile, Brian Quick has established himself pretty firmly as the Rams' top receiver. Nevertheless, to see him miss only a single snap is a testament to the teams' dedication to him. Obviously, though, the numbers are a bit disjointed with the heaviness the Rams favored. Cook and Kendricks both topped the two-thirds mark and Corey Harkey nearly hit 50%. For reference, Kendricks was under 50% last week, and Harkey barely got past 20%.


T McDonald SS 71 100.00%
E Gaines CB 71 100.00%
R McLeod FS 71 100.00%
A Ogletree LB 71 100.00%
J Laurinaitis LB 71 100.00%
J Jenkins CB 58 81.69%
W Hayes DE 56 78.87%
R Quinn DE 56 78.87%
A Donald DT 51 71.83%
E Sims DE 45 63.38%
L Joyner FS 43 60.56%
M Brockers DT 37 52.11%
J Dunbar LB 28 39.44%
K Langford DT 24 33.80%
M Roberson CB 13 18.31%
A Carrington DT 12 16.90%
C Davis FS 3 4.23%

The Rams were dedicated to pressure from the snap count. Michael Brockers hit his lowest percentage of snaps as the Rams forewent the pivot anchor he provides on the line in favor of more pass rushing from Quinn, Hayes, Donald and Sims.

It was also the least work for Jo-Lonn Dunbar this year. I talked about how the injury really affected him on Monday Night Football a week ago through the week, so I'd suspect that had more to do with his drop than any overriding scheme shift.

And with Trumaine Johnson and perhaps Brandon McGee nearly back, I'd at least point to Marcus Roberson picking up some playing time at corner yesterday. The depth here is strong, and may need to be called on further if Janoris Jenkins misses some time.

Special Teams

D Bates LB 23 82.14%
W Herring LB 23 82.14%
C Davis FS 19 67.86%
C Reynolds RB 19 67.86%
T Watts RB 18 64.29%
S Bailey WR 17 60.71%
C Harkey TE 15 53.57%
A Bayer TE 14 50.00%
B Cunningham RB 13 46.43%
T McDonald SS 11 39.29%
G Zuerlein K 10 35.71%
M Person G 9 32.14%
L Joyner FS 9 32.14%
J Hekker P 9 32.14%
J McQuaide LS 9 32.14%
E Sims DE 8 28.57%
E Gaines CB 7 25.00%
M Roberson CB 7 25.00%
T Austin WR 6 21.43%
R McLeod FS 6 21.43%
J Jenkins CB 6 21.43%
B Jones C 6 21.43%
J Barksdale T 5 17.86%
G Robinson G 5 17.86%
L Kendricks TE 5 17.86%
D Joseph G 5 17.86%
R Saffold T 4 14.29%
W Hayes DE 4 14.29%
R Quinn DE 4 14.29%
A Donald DT 4 14.29%
A Carrington DT 4 14.29%
J Long T 1 3.57%
B Quick WR 1 3.57%
K Britt WR 1 3.57%
T Mason RB 1 3.57%

Mo Alexander was inactive this week, leaving room for Chase Reynolds to return. Overall, it was a lighter approach to special work this week. Ethan Westbrooks was inactive and Eugene Sims and Michael Brockers, who featured heavily against the Niners, saw a big drop as Brockers didn't log a special teams snap.