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Man Crush Monday: Trickery at it's Finest

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The Rams won Sunday the way we all expected them to win: with a strong defensive performance and prominent running game...with a boost from some outstanding special teams play.


At the onset of the season, it was widely known that this team was built to win with defense and the running game. The offense's job was to be efficient and not turn the ball over. Toss in that the Rams have quietly put together an elite core of special teamers, and therein lies the promise that the 2014 season held for fans.

Heading into Sunday's game, the Rams were anything but that.

The defense hadn't played to it's potential, the run game was stagnant, and the team had shot itself in the foot on a weekly basis. Fast forward 3 1/2 hours, and the Rams showed that they can be everything - good and bad - that we expected them to be. They still managed to give us all a heart attack on the final drive, but yesterday restored our faith that the Rams can be all they promised to be.

This week's Man Crush was too easy...It's got to be John Fassel. This man single-handedly engineered the three most significant plays of the game. He studied the tape, found the weaknesses, and created plays that manipulated those weaknesses to the Rams advantage. (Anyone know where Schotty is? He's taking notes right?) The crown jewel was this masterpiece that fooled everyone.

Pundits will say that the Rams 'stole' a game or that it was a 'cheap win' because of the trickery involved. But isn't that what good coaches do? There's a fine line between trickery and genius...I remember Bill Belichick (aka the emperor) being boundlessly praised for taking an intentional safety in 2003. The difference? ESPN is based just over 100 miles from Foxboro and the Rams aren't 'media darlings'...but that's a discussion for another day.

I don't know much about coaching special teams, but it's pretty easy to see that we have one of the best in the biz. It would be one thing if this hadn't happened before, but Sunday wasn't his first rodeo either (remember this?) It's easy to see that this man is a genius.

And he won us the game yesterday.