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Rams-Seahawks: Grading the Performance (w/ HC Approval Poll)

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How'd the Rams do today according to the report card?

Dilip Vishwanat

QB - grade_b_plus.0.png

Rams QB Austin Davis did a fine job of managing the game and avoiding any mistakes. The spin move + shovel pass combo was a great example of his ability to improvise. But Davis didn't, and wasn't needed to, take over the game. He wasn't overwhelming, finishing with just 152 yards on 23 attempts. If Russel Wilson's game was in the A range, and it was, I can't give Davis above a B+. Which is fine, because Davis won.

RB - 
B grade

Tre Mason had a plus game with the Rams' longest run from scrimmage finishing above a 4.5 yard per rush rate. Anyone have a guess what's going on with the Rams' rushing game? Zac Stacy didn't feature and Benny Cunningham had just two carries. I'll guess Trey Watts starts next week backed up by Davin Joseph.

WR - grade_b_minus.0.png

Hard to be to negative against any WR corps going against Seattle. So this has to be graded on a curve. The receivers made enough plays to get some early points and take some pressure off of Tre Mason on the ground. And hey, if you sit a healthy Chris Givens for two weeks only for him to make a HUGE 30-yard play to help get the Rams the win? I mean, I understand none of it, but do you, Rams.

TE - 
A minus grade

Again, this is a curved grade. Take out the Antonio Gates week two outlier, and the Seahawks allowed Green Bay's Andrew Quarless 26 yards on 3 receptions, Denver's Julius Thomas 3 catches for 17 yards, Washington's Logan Paulsen/Niles Paul combo a paltry 3 catches for 17 yards, and held Jason Witten just 2 catches for 24 yards. They're doing tight ends in. So 3 for 25 from Jared Cook and 2 for 17 with a TD from Lance Kendricks all on a solid day's blocking? That's about as good as you're going to get out of tight ends against Seattle.

O-line - 
A grade

No penalties. No sacks. Yes, please.

D-line - 
B grade

Hopefully, yesterday will be another example of breaking the dam on the sack front. Robert Quinn, Aaron Donald and Eugene Sims all picked one up, and Marshawn Lynch had very little room to operate. I keep this out of the A range only because Russel Wilson was allowed to much room, but...

LB - 
D grade

...most of that was on the linebackers. My goodness, Alec Ogletree...get the necessary learning points from the tape and put this one behind you because blech.

CB & S - 
C minus

Torn between a C minus and a D plus. The focus really fell off late, but I'll keep it in the C range only because they definitely had some bend but don't break only allowing two passing touchdowns including the Baldwin TD near the end of the game.

ST - 
A plus grade

Mint this one in 24-karat gold and hang it in the hallways at Earth City. Yesterday lived up to the unit's name. It was very special, indeed.

Coaching - grade_b_plus.0.png

Some of the adjustments in the early second half sputtered, but the special teams work carries the day here. Throw in a strong pre-formatted plan for the early going, and it's the kind of day the staff was due for.