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Marshall Faulk: What Bold Decision Do The Rams Need to Make?

In his weekly address to the SB Nation NFL sites, Marshall wants to know what "bold decision" each team needs to make.

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I could've written this yesterday. I could've said that Jeff Fisher needs to appoint Austin Davis as the full-time starter and quit playing around.

I could've written this in the offseason. I could've said that the Rams need to make a commitment to St. Louis and make some public efforts toward signaling a seriousness about keeping the franchise here. Or I could have talked about the QB position and how the Rams needed to either commit to Sam Bradford or move on.

I'm writing it today, with Sunday's pivotal clash in Philadelphia in plain view. And through three games and the bye, there's one clear thing to me the Rams have to do.

They have to take more advantage of Zac Stacy.

Zac Stacy is tied for 18th in carries per game as we open week 5. That's just not enough work for someone built for a workhorse role like Stacy.

On Sunday, he'll face off against LeSean McCoy, perhaps the best RB in today's NFL. McCoy has 192 yards on 70 carries. Stacy has 181 yards on 42 carries. Eddie Lacy, the 2013 NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year, has 20 less yards than Stacy on 11 more carries.

Stacy's being underused.

Now on one hand, I can see the devil's advocate argument. He's being underused with the assumption that teams are keying on the run leaving the field open for better passing opportunities. And in doing so, it leaves running plays in hand to take place at the more opportune situations, which is how Stacy averaged more than 5.5 yards per carry against Dallas in week 3. Those are fair points.

But the Rams lost against Dallas in week 3. And even though NFL rushing leader DeMarco Murray doubled Stacy's work rate with twice as many rushes, he didn't have twice as many yards. And the Rams lost against Dallas in week 3. Oh, and we lost.

Austin Davis is the starting football, and #wewillrally. I get it, but the volatility there should press pause on any Rams fans hoping for an explosive passing attack. He's thrown a interception for every touchdown with three apiece.

The Rams head to Philadelphia to open the Octet of Pain a game back from a .500 record. They come back home thereafter with division foes San Francisco and Seattle on the way.

It's time for the Rams to unleash the Staced God.

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