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Rams-Seahawks: Two Big Plays Key Rams Win (VIDEO)

The Rams picked up a close win thanks in part to these two huge plays.

Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

Close wins in the NFL are often determined by who takes advantage of the big play. Today, it was the Rams on the better side of two big plays.

Midway through the second quarter with the Rams already up 14-3, Tavon Austin and the rest of the return tema provided the diversion for Stedman Bailey to do this:

Hard to overstate how big that was. It extended the Rams lead to 18 points and helped them build just enough of a lead to hold through.

It might have not been enough had the Rams defense been called upon to hold onto a 2-point lead against a Seahawks offense that had scored three touchdowns in the second half. Thankfully, and entertainingly, Johnny Hekker cares not for your blood pressure.

The Rams went big today, and when they did, they were the beneficiaries. Perhaps there's a bit of correlation here. Perhaps the Rams are best served by the unexpected, by the chicanery.

Then again, maybe today was just the right luck at the right time.