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Rams 28, Seahawks 26: Speechless in Victory

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I'm running out of words, and it's mid-October.

Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

There aren't many explanations left for the Rams' 2014 season. For today, we can put that aside.

The St. Louis Rams beat the Seattle Seahawks 28-26.

It took a careful, albeit unremarkable, performance from Austin Davis that included championing an 80-yard drive in the 4th quarter that gave the Rams enough points to hold on.

It took a heavy dose of Tre Mason who averaged more than 4.5 yards per carry and nearly lost the game on a fumble after picking up the first down that should have effectively ended the game. It did, but not without the necessary level of Rams drama.

It took a defense that gave Russel Wilson a bit too much, but shut down Marshawn Lyncg giving them another notch on the RB bedpost fro a defense that has held down Adrian Peterson, LeSean McCoy and Frank Gore.

It took a bit of everything which you'd expect since this is the Rams and they were playing the Seahawks and this wasn't supposed to happen.

It did.

The season looks a lot different than it did mere hours ago.