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St. Louis Rams: To Be, or Not to Be?

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Optimistic, that is... My attempt to keep things in perspective.

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It is my Friday and I have just clocked out. Mel Gibson's iconic and defiant cry rings through my entire being. It does every Friday. If it doesn't for you, then you like your job too much, and you're also kinda' weird.

Newly free, my mind shifts into full "me" mode. The things I need to get done - both great and insignificant - on my coming weekend. This, that, the other... I won't bore you, even though a sexy red head is involved. As my mind sifts through these trivialities, I realize what's coming up this Sunday - It's Game Day! - with the Seahawks.


If you read my articles and comments, you may see that I've been very harsh on our Rams after the loss on Monday night. This was intended as a sarcastic joke, and I also equated that loss to a two day hangover. I was (and am) seriously disappointed in the Rams for that performance. Truthfully, after 35 years as a Rams fan, I questioned that stance. Now the fact is, that if I ever stopped being a Rams fan, I just wouldn't watch football anymore. I had never felt more let down by the Rams...seriously. Even after the 30-3 drubbing at the hands of those same 49ers in the 1989 NFC Championship game. It was that ugly.

Then, I did some thinking (Yes, I know that I am no good at it, but I still try). I've been writing off and on since I was a kid. I won an award in high school for a short story. I briefly kept a journal when I was in the Corps, and later I had a couple of short articles published in obscure magazines. It was only four years ago, however, that I really started to take it seriously and consider making it a constant in my life. Throwing myself into it, I quickly became frustrated. I was writing and no one was reading... But I kept at it. I didn't stop. I studied writers that I admired, and who were successful. I adjusted and critiqued myself. But, most importantly - I. Just. Kept. Going.

One fine day, I awoke to find myself the newest staff writer at Turf Show Times. It felt like winning the Super Bowl.

There's a lesson here somewhere... There it is! I almost lost it... You don't give up, because of a setback. You don't throw away years of loyalty because of one misstep... OK, four missteps, but my point is still valid. The Rams are deserving of some criticism, but this team is full of talent. While I am a bit less warm on the coaching staff than I was, all of them are solid too. I have zero doubt that they are making changes to fix what's broken. Could that start today, please?

The contest today is definitely winnable and as always, I hope we do!

Go Rams!