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Rams-Seahawks: Open Thread

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The Rams bring a 1-4 record against a 3-2 Seattle team into today's home contest that largely determines the immediate direction of both.

Steven Bisig-USA TODAY Sports

There should be easy words here.

There aren't.

Seattle comes to the Edward Jones Dome sitting on a 3-2 records off of a tough loss to Dallas. St. Louis swept those demons under the rug long ago, instead holding a paltry 1-4 resume as yet. As is the case, the future of both teams hinges on today.

While the Seahawks are trying to chart a course to repeat last year's trophy-earning ways, the Rams are just trying to get a hold of their 2014 season before it spirals out of control. It's the first of two Rams-Seahawks battles. There's everything to play for.

This is football.