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Should the Rams Trade Tavon Austin?

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There’s been quite a bit of hubbub surrounding the Seahawks trading WR Percy Harvin to the Jets. Rams’ fans excited at the thought of a trade may want to pump the brakes...

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Well, the Percy Harvin experiment in Seattle is over.  A six year, $67-mil deal agreed on in 2013...only lasted six regular season games.  Harvin was placed on the shelf for the majority of the last year after suffering a labrum tear in the offseason.  He did return in Week 11, where he caught one pass for 17 yards against his former team [Vikings].  Inflammation in the aforementioned hip would sideline the Seahawks WR until the final game of the season: the Super Bowl.  It provided Harvin with a final opportunity to show the fans - all of ‘em - what he could do.  He didn’t disappoint.  Harvin put his stamp on the game, returning the opening second-half kickoff 87 yards for a score; giving the Seahawks a 29-point lead.

And as quickly as he entered, he’s gone.  The "blockbuster" trade that brought one of the league’s most dynamic players into the NFC West has ended in less-than-spectacular fashion.

For Rams' fans, it’s a welcomed site.  While Harvin was having another sluggish start to his season, his ability to take it to the house on any given play makes him a threat most fans won’t miss on Sunday[s]; specifically this one, when the Rams host the Seahawks.

And a lot of times a trade is exciting.  Jets fans are probably stoked.  Seahawks fans probably have mixed emotions.  Rams fans...well...some are clamoring for a trade of their own.

There are a lot of parallel’s drawn between Percy Harvin and Tavon Austin.  They’re smaller, shiftier, extremely quick receivers who create matchup nightmares [ideally] for opposing defenses.  They’re jack-of-all-trade guys who can drastically impact the game when the ball is in their hands.  They’ve both shown the ability to do it.  They’ve both failed to do it consistently over the past couple of seasons.

Trade Tavon Austin?  It’s out there.  Fans disappointed with Tavon - whether it be his performance, or his utilization in the offense - may want to cash in on future draft picks.  Experiment: failed.

The NFL trade deadline ends in ten days, on October 28th at 4pm ET.  The Rams haven’t been too active on the trade front in October though [from ESPN’s transaction report].  Let’s take a walk down memory road...




There’s one.  You see it?  The Rams release Mike-Sims Walker and trade a conditional sixth round pick to the Denver Broncos for a familiar name.  That’s right.  It was three years ago the Rams traded for WR Brandon Lloyd.  Remember him?

I posted this on Twitter yesterday, and ESPN’s Nick Wagoner reminded me of the aftermath on this one.  Follow me.  After Lloyd caught 30 passes in 2011, the 6th round pick became a 5th.  In the following draft [2012], the Rams traded back in the second round, ultimately landing Isaiah Pead [at 50] and added a 5th round pick.  That pick:  Rokevious Watkins.

Thanks, Brandon Lloyd.











While the Rams have been active in player signings/releases over the past decade-plus, trades really aren’t part of their October agenda.  They’ve only acquired one player via trade over the past twelve seasons:  a guy who packed Janoris Jenkins’ lunch last Monday night and then ate it like that "damn Sasquatch" from Billy Madison.

But anything can happen in the NFL.  And when it happens it usually happens with some serious brevity.  I wouldn’t expect the Rams to make a trade - for Tavon or otherwise - before the deadline, but stranger things have happened.