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Les Snead Speaks on the QB Position, Sam Bradford

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The Rams' GM filled in for Head Coach Jeff Fisher on his weekly radio show and offered some interesting thoughts regarding the biggest position in the game...

At the end of the day, here's what we need to have here in St. Louis is a starting quarterback who's consistently in the game and consistently playing well, and whether that's keeping people healthy or getting someone who's going to stay healthy and make plays...

That's what we've been looking for, because when you go through the injuries that we have the last two years, the boat starts shaking a little bit and you gotta get it stable.

That's from Les Snead filling in for the host of Monday's episode of the Jeff Fisher Show on 101ESPN. At this point, we still have plenty of season left to fill with Austin Davis game tape. But if you're taking the above on face value, it at least leaves the door open for some serious offseason soul searching, because Snead's actually understating it.

The boat's not shaking a little bit. At the rate they're going, this is going to be rocky waters all year which means one thing...

Man overboard.


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