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Rams - Seahawks: A Brief History

Taking a look at the Recent History of this Rivalry


In the years immediately following the Greatest Show on Turf, this was one of the Premier Rivalries in the NFL. They were both in the playoff hunt (mostly) year in and year out. The rivalry had drama, player exchanges (remember this?), and reached it's peak in a playoff matchup in January of 2005. Since then, these franchises have gone in completely opposite directions.

Gone are the days of when this was a hotly contested rivalry. Since the demise of the Mike Martz/GSOT era (forgot how messy that was), this rivalry has been thoroughly lopsided. Since winning that Wild Card game nearly a decade ago, the Rams haven't been back to the playoffs. Contrast that with the Seahawks, who have won 5 division titles and been to 2 Super Bowls.

The Rams have gone an abysmal 2-16 against Seattle since that play and victory an eternity ago. I thought about putting a chart of all of the scores in here, but I figured I'd spare you the misery on this fine Friday morning.

If there is any silver lining, Jeff Fisher's Rams  have generally given the Seahawks hell since he took the reigns 3 years ago (with the exception of last season's finale). Take that for what it's worth... but with the Rams season quickly going to hell in a hand basket, they desperately need a W at home to maintain the façade (random badass + ironic musical insert) that seats aren't getting warm at Rams Park.