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Random Ramsdom 10/17: Defending Your Home Turf

The Rams need to get off of "the schneid" on their home turf. Especially if they are going to convince the city of St. Louis to help pay for a potential Riverfront Stadium.

Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

New Stadium on STL Riverfront? | ProFootballTalk

According to Post-Dispatch columnist Bryan Burwell (original report here) we could soon be hearing of plans for a new open-air stadium on the St Louis Riverfront.

Playoff Odds | Football Outsiders

I wish I could be tossing this on here for positive reasons.....

Unleash the Beast |

Marshawn Lynch was severely under-utilized in the Seahawks loss to the Cowboys last week. Don't expect a repeat on Sunday

Fisher backs JJ...again |

With rookie E.J. Gaines playing well and Trumaine Johnson set to return from his knee injury soon, there has been talk of benching Janoris Jenkins. Yeaaaahhhhh... that's not happening folks. We all know JJ is boom or bust, but if the Sam Bradford saga has taught us anything it's that Fisher is loyal to his players- sometimes to a fault.

New Perspective on RG3 Trade | Washington Post

Long read on a fresh perspective. It's still too early to fully judge the trade, but returns from the first 2+ seasons aren't flattering on either side.

Rams - Seahawks Preview |

NFL Nation beat writers Nick Wagoner and Terry Blount analyze what's going on within and between these two teams as they head into Sunday's matchup.

Hockey Tattoos? | St. Louis

Hockey tats aren't common to NFL players. Austin Pettis opens up about what makes his ink special.

Donald Impresses | STL

He's been arguably the Rams best DL this year, and his mentality is impressing me just as much as his play.

Ram Notes from STL Today

Anyone can see that a Running Back by Committee is developing and Fisher downright confirms it; Tim Barnes is hurt, but Barrett Jones could be ready to fill in if needed; Seahawks preview and more.

Matchups to Watch and Bold Predictions | Rant Sports

Why is the Rams Pass Rush Struggling | Bleacher Report

In-depth look at the source of the Rams pass rush struggles.

Breaking Down Robinson's Debut | STL

He had his ups and downs, but Rookie Greg Robinson largely held Justin Smith in check on MNF. Going against a player of that caliber and largely holding your ground should be commended. Fisher agrees: "He played against a really good player (Monday) and didn’t have any significant issues."

The Straw that Broke the Camel's Back | ProFootballTalk

Everyone knows that the Jared Cook offensive pass interference call was a joke. It's also the latest example showing the Rams struggle to handle adversity. Young teams will struggle with adversity, but it's a weekly occurrence with this team.

Seahawks Without 3 Starters | NBC Sports

Bobby Wagner, Max Unger, and Zach Miller will all be in sweats on Sunday.