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Marshall Faulk: Can Your Team Win In the Clutch?

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The former Rams great wants to know if the Rams can pull out a win in the waning moments.

Dilip Vishwanat

Another week, another question from Marsh. And again, an softball.

Can the Rams run a two-minute drill to get a touchdown to win the game?


Exhibit A.

2-minute drill failure 1

Exhibit B.

2-minute drill failure 2

Exhibit C.

2-minute drill failure 3

In each of the Rams' last three games, they've been nearly in that exact scenario.

Against the Cowboys, they were down three on their own 14-yard line with two minutes. Against the Eagles, an extra point following a touchdown would have won the game. The Rams had 107 seconds to go 93 yards. On Monday Night Football, the Rams needed seven to tie with just over a minute and 90 yards to go.

The Rams are 0 for 3 on two-minute drills. Sorry, Marshall. The Rams haven't given us any indication that if the game's on the line with two minutes or less to go that they're going to get it done.

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