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Rams-49ers: Game Thread Roll Call

Looking at the most active users in Monday's game threads.

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Roll Call Info
Total comments 2,015
Total commenters 136
Commenter list 1olyJG, 3k, 40yearRamfan, BMillz, BaldBilly, Barflies, BatteringRams, BayAreaRamsFan, BornwithHorns, Bralidore, Brandon Bate, BritRam, BronxBlazer, BubbaKincaid, BurnoutJoeB., CharlesMartel, Charlesthe3rd, Chefantone, Da Rookie, DamnChop, Danrarbc, DiscoJer, DoTheRamThang, Drmondobueno, EastBayNinerFan, Eric Nagel, FlimtotheFlam, Frank "Dubs" Dobozy, Freewheeler2, G unit Rams, GSOT9901, Gardena, Graymobeal, I.E.RamsFan85, Ignacio B, J-RAD2, Jack Kellett, Jballa2005, Jeremiah2911, Jesus loves Ewes & Rams, Ken F, Kentrell Jackson, LA Champ, LARams1968, LARams72, LAdores2011, Lawllaby, Leon Phelpths, Logos_, LuinRam, MTbo, Mark Jaramillo, MooseHawk, Natedogg265, Nophel Farid, NyneDub2, OCRamsFan, Optonal, Oski Bear, Pbrown925, QOBrien67, RAMS54, RWRAMS28, Rainman23, RamSarge, Rammer18-84, Rams and Hoosiers, Rams78110, RamsPride9106, Ramssince84, Ryan4768, SisuRam, Snaughty, SoCalJoe, Ssg.Ray5150VH, StealthHawk, StevenS479, TONYBOI08, The Rammer, TheWolff, Thomas W, Tortured RamFan, TryAndCatchVD, VETT, WGXRT51, WarWolf, Whoissantaclaus?, Will not be defeated, XxRamsxX, Yes Aye, Yetikin, addnon, albinoninja, bdh18, briking, crushh87, dbcouver, diehardram87, eman, ffgtfgtr, guitrguy, hbwb, howie43, isomerize, jacktheboxboss, jim66, jtboy_08, justin.szewczyk, koufaxrules, leadhead, lpatters99, luvhockey, master hyde, mdarshan, nj_rams_fan, oldfartramfan, pacmule, parliamentlite, rambro4ever2, ramsfan37, ramsrule, ramswo85, richromeo21, robbytfd, rosstipher627, sf_cutty, spikeram, the new Bradfather, themurth, thisguy, tntram, williro, woggerone, x Nightwing x, xAndy616x, zachmann21
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1 LuinRam 126
2 RamSarge 106
3 rosstipher627 76
4 tntram 71
5 StevenS479 71
6 Jballa2005 62
7 LA Champ 60
8 x Nightwing x 59
9 Danrarbc 57
10 Eric Nagel 57
11 the new Bradfather 54
12 Lawllaby 52
13 BaldBilly 49
14 albinoninja 42
15 Ryan4768 40
16 Thomas W 40
17 justin.szewczyk 39
18 BatteringRams 36
19 Rainman23 32
20 DamnChop 30
21 Mark Jaramillo 29
22 Yes Aye 27
23 jim66 26
24 MooseHawk 26
25 BubbaKincaid 25
26 BornwithHorns 25
27 master hyde 24
28 bdh18 24
29 Ignacio B 23
30 guitrguy 23
31 ramswo85 19
32 hbwb 19
33 CharlesMartel 18
34 RWRAMS28 18
35 DiscoJer 17
36 thisguy 17
37 isomerize 17
38 richromeo21 15
39 themurth 15
40 FlimtotheFlam 15
41 Oski Bear 14
42 TryAndCatchVD 14
43 Yetikin 14
44 ramsfan37 14
45 Jesus loves Ewes & Rams 14
46 WarWolf 12
47 Bralidore 12
48 1olyJG 12
49 Charlesthe3rd 11
50 Freewheeler2 11
51 crushh87 11
52 Whoissantaclaus? 11
53 Barflies 10
54 Will not be defeated 10
55 RAMS54 10
56 Gardena 10
57 Kentrell Jackson 9
58 SisuRam 9
59 Leon Phelpths 9
60 LAdores2011 8
61 MTbo 8
62 GSOT9901 8
63 Snaughty 7
64 koufaxrules 7
65 lpatters99 6
66 rambro4ever2 6
67 jtboy_08 6
68 Natedogg265 6
69 jacktheboxboss 5
70 Rammer18-84 5
71 zachmann21 5
72 parliamentlite 5
73 oldfartramfan 5
74 mdarshan 5
75 luvhockey 5
76 briking 4
77 LARams1968 4
78 eman 4
79 BritRam 4
80 ramsrule 4
81 Da Rookie 4
82 Brandon Bate 4
83 QOBrien67 4
84 Logos_ 4
85 nj_rams_fan 3
86 Ssg.Ray5150VH 3
87 Optonal 3
88 40yearRamfan 3
89 pacmule 3
90 robbytfd 3
91 dbcouver 3
92 spikeram 3
93 diehardram87 3
94 SoCalJoe 2
95 woggerone 2
96 williro 2
97 3k 2
98 Tortured RamFan 2
99 Ramssince84 2
100 Chefantone 2
101 DoTheRamThang 2
102 LARams72 2
103 G unit Rams 2
104 WGXRT51 2
105 XxRamsxX 2
106 BronxBlazer 2
107 StealthHawk 2
108 xAndy616x 1
109 howie43 1
110 BayAreaRamsFan 1
111 TheWolff 1
112 The Rammer 1
113 Pbrown925 1
114 Rams78110 1
115 Rams and Hoosiers 1
116 Graymobeal 1
117 TONYBOI08 1
118 Drmondobueno 1
119 Nophel Farid 1
120 ffgtfgtr 1
121 VETT 1
122 Frank "Dubs" Dobozy 1
123 leadhead 1
124 Ken F 1
125 OCRamsFan 1
126 NyneDub2 1
127 J-RAD2 1
128 I.E.RamsFan85 1
129 sf_cutty 1
130 BMillz 1
131 BurnoutJoeB. 1
132 RamsPride9106 1
133 addnon 1
134 EastBayNinerFan 1
135 Jeremiah2911 1
136 Jack Kellett 1
# Recs Commenter Comment Link
9 StevenS479 [no title]
9 StevenS479 [no title]
8 themurth Are you kidding? The kid is way better than Bradford ever was.
8 rosstipher627 [no title]
8 Frank "Dubs" Dobozy Who's playing right guard??? :):):)
8 StevenS479 [no title]
7 rosstipher627 i'm sorry if i'm being bitter but seriously fuck the NFL referees.
7 Brandon Bate /walks into this thread
6 StevenS479 [no title]
6 StevenS479 [no title]
6 Lawllaby [no title]
6 StevenS479 [no title]
6 StevenS479 [no title]
6 CharlesMartel Everyone who picked the Whiners to win- fuck off!
6 addnon WOOO HOO..LET'S GO RAMS! Look for me on TV...I'll be the guy in the Davis jersey acting a fool holding up a TST sign
5 Lawllaby Thats why were all worried...
5 LAdores2011 OK, I'm back. What have I missed
5 StevenS479 [no title]
5 TONYBOI08 A laugh for a Bleak Night?
5 StevenS479 [no title]
5 StevenS479 [no title]
5 StealthHawk Seahawks fan here, you guys definitely got robbed not only on the phantom PI penalty on a huge first down by Cook but also the lack of a holding call on SF's long TD.
5 thisguy You haven't been
5 Ryan4768 That was weak holding.
4 Danrarbc [no title]
4 StevenS479 [no title]
4 StevenS479 [no title]
4 StevenS479 [no title]
4 StevenS479 [no title]
4 StevenS479 [no title]
4 StevenS479 [no title]
4 StevenS479 [no title]
4 StevenS479 [no title]
4 StevenS479 [no title]
4 LA Champ no nervous, feel like I'm about to play....LET'S GO!!!!!!
4 Rainman23 4 highlights of Staley on Quinn....
4 Jballa2005 Man.......
4 StevenS479 [no title]
4 Freewheeler2 have you seen the Rams lately?
4 LA Champ you too, but really
4 Bralidore Davis has FINALLY won me over.
4 thisguy I love
3 Danrarbc Not by everyone...
3 StevenS479 [no title]
3 StevenS479 [no title]
3 hbwb i hope stan cleans house after this debacle
3 bdh18 It's so Rams that they're abo to set sack record....
3 rosstipher627 was going to rec this comment but i slipped in a pile of my own tears
3 guitrguy I don't get how the Rams can get held so much and not have it called
3 StevenS479 [no title]
3 themurth Bradford Blows. He is the reason this team sucks. His contract along with his ineptness is the reason this franchise sucks.
3 Yetikin rams d line beating you?
3 thisguy Appreciated.
3 MooseHawk Because the 49ers are holding the crap out of Quinn.
3 StevenS479 [no title]
3 TryAndCatchVD 49er troll here
3 rosstipher627 sarge i have some bad news
3 williro I'm a Buccaneers fan wanting to
3 Yetikin Gruden: "great hand usage by the veteran lineman"
3 BatteringRams If karma does exist
3 RamSarge =keep doing it forever
3 Jballa2005 I've never seen a team get messed over........
3 rosstipher627 lol i have an article coming out you'll want to read
3 rosstipher627 what i've learned from this game:
3 Rainman23 Seriously Gruden?????
3 rosstipher627 so many things wrong with this team... writing the optimism article is going to be tough tomorrow
3 StevenS479 [no title]
3 CharlesMartel Damn, those uniforms look good!
3 x Nightwing x See, we are still the Rams
3 Rammer18-84 Wow no one being held back !
3 Eric Nagel Fuck Jake Long
3 StevenS479 [no title]
3 rosstipher627 just got home.
3 StevenS479 [no title]
3 guitrguy lol selective reasoning is fun
3 StevenS479 [no title]
3 WarWolf There should still be a safety backing up on that side in that situation.
3 BatteringRams Looks like Vernon Davis is playing after all
3 RamsPride9106 Free GRob!!!
3 justin.szewczyk They ignore him being held every fucking play of every fucking game
3 StevenS479 [no title]
3 justin.szewczyk YES THIS IS GOING TO BE AMAZING!!!
3 ramswo85 As someone who played the violin himself and has a great appreciation for the instrument...that was beautiful.
3 1olyJG I can no longer sit back and be quiet on anything the rams do or players we have.
3 40yearRamfan Holy crap, I was monday night countdown and all they do is talk about the fricking Niners, so I went out in the shop to do a few things.
3 Yes Aye Id rather Fisher not complain but just say the single sentence "Watch 94"
3 Thomas W SHOULDA BEEN 21-3
3 TheWolff Where was the flag on that blatant hold on Robert Quinn?
3 bdh18 Haven't even tried ....
2 Ignacio B holding on every fucking play
2 DamnChop Shit!!! Somebody touched Kap!
2 MooseHawk Dude. How'd that hold on your D-Linemen not get called?
2 rosstipher627 ummmm
2 MooseHawk There's no way you're bitching about the refs in this game.
2 FlimtotheFlam The hold was on Quinn
2 RamSarge I thought the blind referee thing was a joke this whole time....
2 StevenS479 [no title]
2 Rainman23 WE ARE WINNING BY 4
2 LuinRam well they never suck ours...
2 justin.szewczyk Nope
2 justin.szewczyk We just need to drop every defensive player into coverage every play
2 justin.szewczyk Refs suck dick every game
2 DiscoJer I never understood why the Rams didn't try to keep Lloyd
2 Jballa2005 Look y'all...................................
2 justin.szewczyk Refs will ensure that will happen
2 Danrarbc This should really count as two Ws.
2 LuinRam da fuq?
2 TryAndCatchVD Refs have their industrial kneepads on tonight
2 SisuRam Just additional evidence to the lack of discipline.
2 Yes Aye Im not a seahawks fan in the slightest
2 RamSarge Just came home... FUCK YEAH BABY
2 MooseHawk Hopefully the refs went in at half and made some good adjustments.
2 Danrarbc Refs made a holding call!!!
2 jim66 please
2 TryAndCatchVD Good no call, refs
2 Ryan4768 Now that was blatant interference, and they didn't call it.
2 guitrguy most uncalled holds in NFL history
2 LARams72 Fisher is out of touch!!!! Mediocre is the best he will ever be....
2 StevenS479 [no title]
2 BatteringRams Big stop.
2 RamSarge *jeff fisher, DC
2 koufaxrules Williams needs to get fired now
2 BubbaKincaid And there's the cherry on top for another shit sippin season....if I was LA I would pay St. Louis to keep em!
2 master hyde officially the lowest sack total through 5 weeks in NFL HISTORY
2 StevenS479 The only explanation:
2 Jballa2005 It was never Bradford that was the problem. Now you all see it's the coordinators
2 Eric Nagel If the Rams are 3-13 Fisher will be gone
2 BubbaKincaid All the talent or so called talent will flee this sinking ship the moment their contracts are up.
2 Whoissantaclaus? My opinion...... get rid of Fisher, I don't think he will take the Rams anywhere.
2 Lawllaby [no title]
2 Rainman23 99 yrd drive here!!!!
2 Will not be defeated Langford jersey ripped at the sleeves
2 Rainman23 surprised it wasnt called on us!!!
2 LuinRam GO BACK TO THE STORE. NOW!!!!!!!!!
2 Rainman23 I just wanna punch KAP in the face!!!
2 1olyJG Wong is the only player in STL right now who is clutch!!
2 master hyde no, the TD before the half was on us. no prevent D.
2 BubbaKincaid They just showed highlights of Quinn gettin held 3 times n didn't say a word...grudens a pud!
2 StevenS479 [no title]
2 RWRAMS28 Dirty fuckin block on Donald
2 Ryan4768 Because he'x exerting extra energy to get through all those holds.
2 RamSarge calling out the refs, yeah
2 Lawllaby Yes, they shit all over the refs and Greg Williams
2 oldfartramfan I have no idea what team the Rams can beat.
2 Eric Nagel This seems fitting
2 isomerize at least Dilfer is calling out the Refs for Bullshit call in Cook
2 1olyJG Glad TV Crew shit on Refs and Williams, both deserved it....
2 Snaughty Sure seemed like a nasty high-low double-team on Donald
2 RamSarge thanks for the classy comment. Beat you later
2 Danrarbc Why not right?
2 thisguy Yes.
2 Lawllaby Dude... go away lol.
2 richromeo21 Dear God
2 LuinRam Davis started extremely well. then got hit a few too many times...
2 richromeo21 2014 Rams = How to blow a lead
2 rosstipher627 later man thanks for being a good sport
2 Danrarbc They're shitting on the refs.
2 Ryan4768 So when Trumaine Johnson comes back, I vote that he takes Jenkins's spot and Gaines keeps the other.
2 justin.szewczyk Unfortunately not too many highlights for us at this point in the season lol
2 StevenS479 [no title]
2 Eric Nagel terrible call
2 Danrarbc That one and the CONSTANT lack of holding calls on opposing OLs.
2 BatteringRams That's a weak-ass call.
2 Ryan4768 Um, where was the interference?
2 LuinRam if this happens, we all take our pants off.
2 FlimtotheFlam Are those Beats by Dre or Bose?
2 Danrarbc They still look good from here Champ
2 XxRamsxX here we go again
2 Lawllaby Stacy easily could have cut it outside... wtf...
2 FlimtotheFlam Hahaha
2 Yes Aye Hey ESPN,
2 Barflies Fuck ESPN, even their website blows donkeys
2 StevenS479 [no title]
2 Eric Nagel Excuse my french
2 Lawllaby If it was Romo's shoulderpad it would have been called.
2 StevenS479 [no title]
2 Charlesthe3rd watching the game tonite with friends who are Niner fans
2 LA Champ Blue & Gold looks good from Cali
2 Eric Nagel LaMarcus
2 LuinRam Did you know that Zebras
2 EastBayNinerFan Yo Dubs!
2 BaldBilly I was looking forward to Joseph being cut...
2 BatteringRams About that...
2 x Nightwing x It's the unis
2 Yes Aye ESPN doing Mo Alexanders story right now FYI
2 Jesus loves Ewes & Rams Barret Jones sighting
2 LuinRam Davis isn't Romo
2 themurth The Niners were letting the clock tick down. Play back, give them 30 yard cushion and go into the half up 14 - 3 with a lot of momentum. Fvcking stupid coaching!!!!
2 BornwithHorns If they play like this for 60 minutes
2 justin.szewczyk Not with the refs
2 BaldBilly ya'll might as well put your Depends underwear on right now...
2 GSOT9901 we should be up a td but they fucked us on the cook penalty
2 Jesus loves Ewes & Rams Well Fish is trying something different,
2 themurth Nothing to do with Chris Long.
2 StevenS479 [no title]
2 xAndy616x Staley held Quinn hard on that play
2 Barflies Everyone in my fantasy league think I'm a fool, but I made Cook my starting tight end this week
2 LA Champ after 4 hours, you know what ya gotta do right?
2 BaldBilly that block by Stacy
2 BatteringRams Big game.
2 eman North Carolina Panther football fan here!
2 justin.szewczyk Nope
2 ramswo85 Schotty calling a hell of a game. I gotta give this dude some credit!
1 rosstipher627 fuck off?
1 RamSarge Gruden: "The Niners *slurp slurp*"
1 TryAndCatchVD [no title]
1 BubbaKincaid Why can we only play one quarter of football, and then we just fall apart
1 LuinRam hahaha.
1 DamnChop My gorgeous new wife and her 40D's has this quote to say about the Rams... "they don't giva fuck!"
1 MTbo [no title]
1 hbwb fisher needs to fire williams after tonight
1 Jballa2005 Can we get a hold?????????????????????????
1 BornwithHorns Schotty doing a crossword on the sideline.
1 hbwb we did better with no dc
1 RamSarge Good luck out thear
1 BatteringRams We've officially reached the point where football consistently makes me more sad than happy
1 StevenS479 [no title]
1 justin.szewczyk lol quinn held again
1 WarWolf Very obvious except to this ref crew
1 Jballa2005 That was holding.......
1 StevenS479 [no title]
1 BritRam Gruden ... shut the F up please.
1 x Nightwing x I'll probably blame it on Jenkins actually
1 Ignacio B seriously wtf
1 TryAndCatchVD You don't understand
1 jim66 that dope jenkins
1 rosstipher627 jeff fisher is one of the worst, most outdated coaches currently employed in the NFL. There, I said it.
1 RamSarge ^ that
1 LuinRam yep.
1 BornwithHorns Ok, we have sucked enough balls tonight...
1 master hyde he isnt tebow
1 BubbaKincaid This coaching staff really has no fucking clue on what they are doin! Fire em all
1 LuinRam fuck man...
1 RAMS54 Sorry for this
1 Eric Nagel Jenkins has had a terrible game
1 BornwithHorns Their defense adjusted, ours hasn't and neither has Schitty
1 justin.szewczyk bahaha refs trying to help the favorites win
1 Freewheeler2 I had to put it on mute in the 4 qtr cause I got tired of hearing Grudon suck 49er dick.
1 rosstipher627 yeah... that one was a penalty.
1 LuinRam Bates gets blocked in the back and no call?
1 Thomas W bradford comin back ,trust me
1 MTbo SF
1 rosstipher627 u keep trying for that to land but the runways are all taken
1 the new Bradfather good night guys, thanks for having me
1 DiscoJer Of course until that game
1 1olyJG Carr will throw TDS all around on this weak ass defense
1 guitrguy By his logic you can only look at his mistakes,
1 1olyJG The Season is over 1-15 here the rams come again!!!
1 rosstipher627 draft a new coach
1 1olyJG And we will still lose!!!
1 Bralidore well at least your happy.
1 Yes Aye Go to LA
1 DamnChop Nope. Disappointed as usual. But I had NO false illusions.
1 albinoninja its totally the time for jokes, did you watch that game. Piss in your beer if you want to but you have to wash up and go to fucking work at some point!
1 jim66 on the bright side
1 albinoninja Oh and BTW I'll be watching this fucking team next week against Seattle and pulling for them with every fiber in my being. Knowing that they have issues. If they go up 14 pounts in the 1st quarter, Yeah i'll be saying domething about it again.
1 oldfartramfan Understand, but y'all have to get over it and play 60 min.
1 albinoninja 11-5 baby, you heard it here first!!!
1 guitrguy It's not a mutually exclusive
1 SisuRam Anyone listening to the TV crew commenting?
1 Whoissantaclaus? I see your 2012 game and raise you a 2013 Rams v. Colts game. Your move!
1 Danrarbc I believe that would generate more sacks than the DL would this year right now.
1 SisuRam Seattle was the second youngest team in the league last year.
1 RamSarge haha, nice. Don't count on it
1 Eric Nagel I mean, let's be honest
1 the new Bradfather the refs managed to screw you anyway
1 bdh18 Jake long is awesome
1 Lawllaby Sorry I have to.
1 luvhockey where the hell is the flag
1 Yetikin Our new coaches next year
1 StevenS479 The talent is absoutely there.
1 MooseHawk That's BS.
1 LuinRam you know the answer.
1 the new Bradfather why do refs have sex with the 49ers on the field like that, kids are watching
1 MooseHawk Yes.
1 bdh18 And his strength is route running-BC has guys thinking too much rather than just playing-He makes the simple complicated & it takes players forever to understands what should be simple concepts
1 Bralidore say it again...
1 LuinRam certainly changed the flow and feel of the game.
1 Da Rookie Nice second half adjustment by the RamsNOT
1 StevenS479 Maybe if our receivers weren't sitting around waiting for curls or taking flats every other play, we might not be so predictable.
1 rosstipher627 i still believe he can be good.
1 Oski Bear Hoping for Bradford to live up to his potential after five years
1 Lawllaby And Janoris Jenkins getting ass raped twice.
1 Leon Phelpths Historically bad pass rush
1 Yetikin 9ers having a hard time with the run
1 nj_rams_fan [no title]
1 Ryan4768 Hey, what about the illegal touching?
1 Kentrell Jackson I'm good with this idea.
1 LA Champ I see it!!!!!
1 LuinRam don't have an answer.
1 Brandon Bate nah bruh
1 Jesus loves Ewes & Rams Fish with his back to us, Robin Williams as the entire Rams team
1 RamSarge nice tackle on our left DE
1 justin.szewczyk I knew fisher was waiting to bust out our 2nd overall pick
1 justin.szewczyk He's still our 2nd best receiving target at this point
1 Jballa2005 That's bullshit........
1 BatteringRams That's a hold but Quinn is just being blocked efficiently?
1 Ryan4768 This is the crap we have to deal with every week.
1 WarWolf Lance!!!!
1 LuinRam Gruden is all over the 9ers nuts...
1 StevenS479 [no title]
1 Barflies Shit I missed it! It was all because of GRob, right?
1 justin.szewczyk Guess who else is starting?!
1 Jballa2005 I seen holding on Donald...........
1 robbytfd Thank you
1 Logos_ According to Jim Thomas both Donald and Robinson are starting.
1 RamSarge I thought the blind referee thing was a joke this whole time....
1 parliamentlite Naw, man
1 Lawllaby When we play the Hawks we will get called for the same things. don't be surprised.
1 diehardram87 Smoother than Billy Dee
1 Logos_ Almost to STL now and ready to watch our Rams rip some Niners up.
1 Yes Aye I heard holding then began to nod, then heard defense and woke my roommate up
1 briking The refs
1 briking The refs
1 Yes Aye I heard holding then began to nod, then heard defense and woke my roommate up
1 rosstipher627 where was the holding??
1 Danrarbc At least two DLmen held on that TD play.
1 rosstipher627 where was the holding??
1 rosstipher627 he reminds you of.... kurt warner
1 LA Champ AUSTIN, be prepared for ESPN to be all over ur NUTZ
1 Jballa2005 Wow..........
1 Mark Jaramillo "Should" be 21-3 or 17-3 fr that matter.
1 BaldBilly Show me the Benjamins...
1 Danrarbc Narrative.
1 BubbaKincaid Give Schotty an extension and fire Fisher and Williams....
1 Thomas W at least 17-3
1 Mark Jaramillo leave it to the refs to turn the tide...
1 Thomas W Jenkins stinks,greedy fuck
1 LA Champ ummm, thought we were a run first team?
1 BatteringRams Oh shit, they were supposed to be on?
1 Danrarbc Still is for some QBs.
1 tntram First play go deep
1 Danrarbc FUCK YOU!!!
1 Lawllaby Dallas Steals the halftime show, typical ESPN lmfao.
1 Mark Jaramillo F**k Lloyd!
1 StevenS479 [no title]
1 rosstipher627 ok guys i forged the signature.... i'm signing davis to a 3 year extention. y'all good with that?
1 StevenS479 Hold those horses...
1 BaldBilly Davis...check!
1 Jballa2005 It's only a matter of time........
1 Rainman23 if i had a 300lb man holding me on every play
1 isomerize I'd bet a paycheck Austin Davis ends up on tjis MNF montage 10 years from now
1 BaldBilly joyner...check
1 RWRAMS28 No doubt Mark
1 x Nightwing x Most exciting 19 yards ever!
1 Eric Nagel What a great fucking play
1 Kentrell Jackson The over excitement
1 Mark Jaramillo Quinn is getting mugged every down!
1 thisguy I hope you didn't use too many
1 LA Champ Givens is on suicide watch
1 sf_cutty im not a rams fan
1 Eric Nagel Holding on Quinn?
1 crushh87 Massive hold there on Quinn
1 rosstipher627 most ineffective pass rush in the league. also most ineffective blitz in the league.
1 CharlesMartel Check the hold on Quinn....again...
1 thisguy Or any ref crew
1 RamSarge It's assumed at this point
1 tntram Got that right we have to play against the refs and our apponent
1 BaldBilly you got a lot of quit in you Lawllaby
1 Lawllaby This game is going downhill so so fast.
1 tntram Seen that hold on quinn
1 LuinRam damn i love me some TJ
1 RamSarge Maybe they'll call holding on a replacement lineman... nah
1 Eric Nagel That ain't Gregg Williams' fault.
1 StevenS479 [no title]
1 Kentrell Jackson Will we stop blaming the refs and holding calls
1 StevenS479 [no title]
1 LARams72 Fire Fisher and bring them to L.A.!!!
1 zachmann21 I just have to know
1 LuinRam bull shit.
1 Lawllaby Well guys, I don't want to say how I feel about the rest of the season...
1 GSOT9901 nfl wants 49ers to win
1 Jballa2005 The refs.......
1 BornwithHorns JJ has been rather non-terrible this season.
1 BubbaKincaid Well for the 10th straight year...
1 BornwithHorns Good punt, good coverage, no penalty
1 Gardena Where was the safety?
1 Danrarbc "Oh shit they made the play!"
1 thisguy Right,
1 LuinRam Last week was too painful to review that game... I WILL REVIEW THIS GAME FOR DAMN SURE
1 rosstipher627 fisher needs to be held accountable.
1 StevenS479 [no title]
1 Yes Aye Everyone please just watch Robert Fucking Quinn getting held on every single damn play
1 BaldBilly I do not think that word means what you think it means :)
1 x Nightwing x Smith kneed him in the back after the play
1 guitrguy and phantom penalties are sustaining their drives
1 Danrarbc I ain't gonna lie.
1 Charlesthe3rd They are niners fans
1 richromeo21 We just suck.., I hate writing it but we hate winning
1 StevenS479 [no title]
1 Mark Jaramillo PULL Jenkins already!
1 albinoninja you're excused but only if you have money on it :)
1 BaldBilly just so you know 40year...
1 DamnChop IT IS largely Ram specific
1 BatteringRams And that's the way the Cookie rumbles!
1 ramswo85 And here's a cookie!!
1 Snaughty Austin Davis to continue his undefeated record against the NFC West
1 master hyde yes. ppl that own sunday nfl ticket kinda got screwed here.
1 Danrarbc So,
1 Jesus loves Ewes & Rams Welcome & Amen & Amen,
1 Lawllaby Dont touch the big red button. Rams touch the big red button. Self Destruct.
1 Eric Nagel 7/8 103 Yards 1 TD
1 StevenS479 [no title]
1 Danrarbc Rams fans are correct.
1 tntram We need c long
1 DamnChop Fisher is going to meet the same fate as Spags at end of season. Bradford will go down in history as a much higher paid Ryan Leaf.
1 guitrguy Dear refs
1 LAdores2011 First time commenter, long time lurker...
1 Will not be defeated Gruden's intro
1 BMillz [no title]
1 master hyde only St louis uses a violin for the national anthem -.-
1 MooseHawk They could if they weren't just grabbing every scrap of jersey and tackling Quinn.
1 Ignacio B bullshit call