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Random Ramsdom; The Hangover

After the loss on Monday Night, the hangover continues.

Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

Maybe this will cure it...

Hangover Sp


So, on to some Rams news as we nurse our heads and contemplate some hair of the dog...

Exactly what every Rams fan wants to hear -St Louis Post-Dispatch

"The big thing about it is you don’t change what you’re doing," Fisher said Tuesday. "What we’re doing here is right. The players are coming to work, they’re having fun, they’re working hard.

"We know we don’t have the production that we like. We’ve played three good opponents, and we haven’t done well enough to win the game. But we’ve been in the games. So things will turn.

"We’ve got a tough stretch ahead. But this is why we say: ‘Hey, we focus on this week. We’ll get ’em back.’"

Will the Rams stay in St. Louis after all? -St. Louis Post-Dispatch

There is at least a hint of a deal on an open-air stadium in St. Louis....where there's smoke?

Yowza! -St. Louis Rams

Who's up who's down around the league -NFL

Apparently, the Rams are so insignificant they don't make the list at all. But if you want to see who else is doing well and who is doing poorly, this is your link.

Yes, it was childish -Yahoo

But I still laugh.

And while the Rams were deciding to lose again, RB Joseph Randle went on a crime spree -ESPN

Underwear and cologne from Dillards...seriously?

It's officially overturned....way too late...Jared Cook and pass interference -NFL

This was a critical botched call. If the 21 yard pick up had stood, the Rams were in field goal range, late in the second quarter. Thanks ref!

And now for something completely different -U.S. Department of State

Things just keep getting worse in the Levant

And now some appropriate traveling music my friends...