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Rams Are Close...As Usual

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Are the Rams close to where they need to be to find success?

Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

The Rams seem damn close, however they just don't have the experienced superstars this team should have by now. It's glaring.. you see the Rams take off to leads and you see the talent come through. Then at the snap of a finger, the gold turns into a turd. No one steps up and makes that big play you expect to see from good teams. Is it a WR? A CB? Could be anyone, just (pretty please?) make a damn play when it counts.

Another thing to ponder here; are the Rams simply getting out-coached? All this talk of not, "putting it together for a full game", that sounds more like coaching and adjustments (or better put, lack thereof) to me than talent.

Let's discuss this in more detail:


I think Gregg Williams needs to be questioned first and foremost. Why is Jenkins still making these ridiculous bonehead moves? Bite on a double move with :30 left and the Niners at their own 20? You GIVE THEM anything inside.. that's (as ESPN's Steve Young said last night) High School Football level knowledge. Hell, even my wife who knows NOTHING about strategy was saying "HUH?".

Also, 1 sack in five games is the lowest EVER in the history of the NFL. Need I remind you that we have ALL first round draft picks on our D-Line (Long is hurt, but still). Offenses are making the quick passes, slants, screens that we have yet to prove we can stop. Our D-Line may as well stay on the sideline during pass plays.


Offensively, I think the Rams are in less trouble, BUT... Yes, I do question Shotty at times, but he really did put together a great first half... but what happened in the second? The Niners started blitzing and we had no answer.. and for the love of god, where in THE HELL was the damn screen pass or draw play?? That would have slowed the pass rush had we tried that a few times. I just don't get it.

And by the way, the 49ers did these quick passes, slants, screens to the Rams all night and it worked. Of course it worked. This is how you attack a talented defensive line. Paging Shotty here.


Just when you think the Rams were playing a well disciplined game... well... they kind of did however the refs had to spoil it by calling two ridiculous penalties, one offensive pass interference on Cook and another Defensive holding on McDonald.. both highly questionable, and did I mention both led to 49ers touchdowns? Seems that's the way it has been for the Rams this season.

So yes, the Rams are close.. but close to what? Close to finally growing up and becoming a legitimate contender? Or close to another implosion and rebuild?

That is the question. That is all.