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Rams-49ers: Snap Counts

Tracking who got the playing time in the Rams' Monday Night Football loss.

Michael Thomas


J Barksdale T 74 100.00%
G Robinson G 74 100.00%
S Wells C 74 100.00%
J Long T 74 100.00%
A Davis QB 74 100.00%
R Saffold T 72 97.30%
B Quick WR 65 87.84%
J Cook TE 61 82.43%
K Britt WR 51 68.92%
A Pettis WR 39 52.70%
B Cunningham RB 38 51.35%
L Kendricks TE 32 43.24%
T Austin WR 25 33.78%
Z Stacy RB 25 33.78%
C Harkey TE 15 20.27%
T Mason RB 9 12.16%
S Bailey WR 8 10.81%
T Barnes C 2 2.70%
D Joseph G 2 2.70%

Obviously the big change here was the arrival of Greg Robinson. I'll go back and watch the tape later this week, but it's certainly a notable shift in the offense going forward.

Not coincidentally, it was also the first NFL action for RB Tre Mason. You have to wonder what's going on with the running gameplan. I'm sure as hell confused by it. Between Zac Stacy, Benny Cunningham, Tre Mason and Trey Watts, I don't know what the intentions are in terms of work rate or product.

Similarly, is Tavon Austin a meaningful part of this team's plans in 2014? It certainly doesn't seem like it. He was only able to get on the field for a third of the snaps...I'm just confused by all of it right now.


T McDonald SS 66 100.00%
A Ogletree LB 66 100.00%
J Laurinaitis LB 66 100.00%
J Jenkins CB 62 93.94%
R McLeod FS 62 93.94%
E Gaines CB 59 89.39%
A Donald DT 58 87.88%
R Quinn DE 50 75.76%
W Hayes DE 43 65.15%
J Dunbar LB 42 63.64%
M Brockers DT 40 60.61%
K Langford DT 28 42.42%
E Sims DE 27 40.91%
E Westbrooks DE 27 40.91%
L Joyner FS 26 39.39%
D Bates LB 4 6.06%

Again as part of the youth movement, Aaron Donald saw his action upped last night. As disruptive as he is, the issue is the pass rush. It's not personnel-related though, as there haven't been huge changes here as there have been on the O-line last night or at corner.

Speaking of, Jo-Lonn Dunbar really struggled through this one. He was obviously affected by the injury he picked up last week. The Rams don't rely on him much for mobility, but there's a theshold where that becomes a liability...which it looked like at times last night.

Nothing really to see at the back, though you have to start worrying about Janoris Jenkins. Boom or bust is fun when you're playing the lottery, not so much when you're an NFL cornerback...

Special Teams

W Herring LB 26 83.87%
C Davis FS 23 74.19%
T Watts RB 23 74.19%
M Alexander SS 22 70.97%
E Sims DE 19 61.29%
C Harkey TE 18 58.06%
S Bailey WR 18 58.06%
M Brockers DT 18 58.06%
L Joyner FS 16 51.61%
B Cunningham RB 15 48.39%
J Hekker P 14 45.16%
D Bates LB 12 38.71%
E Westbrooks DE 11 35.48%
J McQuaide LS 11 35.48%
J Jenkins CB 10 32.26%
E Gaines CB 10 32.26%
A Bayer TE 10 32.26%
M Person G 10 32.26%
R McLeod FS 8 25.81%
A Donald DT 7 22.58%
R Quinn DE 7 22.58%
T Austin WR 6 19.35%
W Hayes DE 6 19.35%
G Zuerlein K 6 19.35%
M Roberson CB 6 19.35%
J Barksdale T 3 9.68%
G Robinson G 3 9.68%
R Saffold T 3 9.68%
L Kendricks TE 3 9.68%
T Barnes C 3 9.68%
D Joseph G 3 9.68%
K Langford DT 3 9.68%
A Ogletree LB 2 6.45%
S Wells C 1 3.23%
B Quick WR 1 3.23%
K Britt WR 1 3.23%
A Pettis WR 1 3.23%

The Rams are a pretty ordinary special unit, though they've got to give Hekker a bit more space. The tipped punt gave the Niners a short field with which they kicked a successful field goal, their first points of the night to make it 14-3. It was the first chip in the Rams' momentum armor early on, and it's the kind of thing special teams can do to slightly affect the outcomes of games well before the last second field goal or punt return. If Hekker gets that one off clean, he probably keeps the Niners around their own 20 with good punt coverage. Who knows what happens from there...

In any case, Will Herring has his role carved out for him in the post-Chase Reynolds era. And I can't be the only one who enjoys the optics of the Mo Alexander story.

It was, though, another week in which the Rams didn't really even need Greg Zuerlein' skills. It's a relatively minor issue to warrant concern given the scope of the Rams' other troubles, but it is a thing.