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2015 Mock Draft

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Hey, it's never too early to start scouting the hot new talent coming out of college. Let's get this ball rolling!

Paul Abell-USA TODAY Sports

This projects to be a truly deep draft class, with a wide variety of positions and skill sets. Let's take a look...

First up, Kirby Smart, Defensive Coordinator, Alabama

Known for playing tight, mistake-free defense, he has yet to reach his athletic peak. Lot's of upside here! We will have to wait for the combine to see his full measurables, but at 5' 10" and clocked at a lightning 6.2 in the 40, he is sure to go in the first round. He once had the audacity to go into a prevent defense to protect a lead while time expired.

Next up Rhett Lashlee, Offensive Coordinator, Auburn

Another surefire first round pick. Rhett is playing top notch ball at the moment. The biggest question is, can he step it up to the next level? At 5' 9" 145 lbs and clocking a respectable 5.9 40, he obviously has the skills at the college level. A quirky player, he spends a lot of time developing schemes to protect his quarterbacks.

Next up, Mike Riley, Head Coach, Oregon State

A solid redshirt sophomore, Mike Riley comes in at 6' 1" 170 lbs and a blazing 7.8 40. Despite such athletic extravagance, he will most likely slip into the second or even third round, primarily due to his slightly advanced age of 47. Nevertheless,  Riley brings discipline and teamwork to the field and is famous for inventing the theory of mid-game adjustments. While that sounds like frivolity to some, others have shown a lot of interest in the idea.

And Last but not Least, the City of Los Angeles

If the season ended right now, Los Angeles (fondly nicknamed by his teammates, LA), would definitely be taken number one, overall. LA is the total package. Night clubs, golf courses, no NFL teams, celebrities, Hollywood, night clubs, Disneyland, beaches and night clubs. Born in 1781 and clocking a 40 measured in hours instead of seconds, a  team doesn't pick LA for athleticism, so much as curb appeal. Solid and prosperous, a team could easily settle in here for the next 20 years until they move again.

So there are the Rams top choices for the exciting and looming draft. What do you think, Rams fans?