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Random Ramsdom 10/14: What does sixty minutes of football mean to you?

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St. Louis has made a habit of not playing the full game. Whether it be the bungle of the twenty one point lead to the Cowboys, the late surge against the Eagles, or this week's complete loss of control after a blown assignment entering the half, the Rams have yet to put to together a full game of work.

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Michael Thomas

Monday Wrap-Up

--- First Half Highlights ---
Do you want to see the other half? Hopefully these highlights cut the last fifteen seconds, too.

--- Full Game Analysis, Highlights, & Score ---
So, you do want to see? I warned you, but here you go.


Upcoming Opponent: Seattle Seahawks

--- Bobby Wagner Has Turf Toe ---
--- Byron Maxwell Has Calf Strain ---
--- Okung Has Torn Shoulder Labrum, Carroll: Not a Problem ---
--- Baldwin & Wilson Exchange Words ---
Injury and chemistry issues are abound for Seattle. The Rams should look to take advantage.


Player Spotlight
--- Greg Robinson Makes First NFL Start ---
It's been a long time in the making, but Robinson finally got some playing time.

--- Tre Mason's First Touch ---
Another rookie, it was only a matter of time before Mason got in there to go make some plays.

--- Jenkins Sad to Give up TD to Boldin ---
Watching him play this week made us sad as well.


QB Monitor

--- Gruden Endorses Davis's Play Some More ---
His first half drew comparisons to Drew Brees, but his second half was almost the opposite.

--- Davis Could be the Answer ---
His play has been solid, but I'm not ready to reach a conclusion just yet.


Shout Out to the Uniforms

--- Torry Holt Interview ---
Because Holt is one of the legends to have worn these beautiful uniforms.

--- Rams Resurrect Greatest Show on Turf Jerseys ---
Here's to hoping we see a lot more of those jerseys in the future. They're sharp.


Draft Tracker

--- Bleacher Report 1st Round Mock ---
The Rams are slotted fifth and as taking Brett Hundley, but the secondary is a much more glaring hole than QB.


Is St. Louis the right home?

--- Steve Young implies Rams should relocate on MNF ---
Do you blame him? Another poor turnout especially on prime-time television doesn't bode well for the team staying in St. Louis.


Division Standings

  1. Arizona Cardinals, 4-1
  2. San Francisco 49ers, 4-2
  3. Seattle Seahawks, 3-2
  4. St. Louis Rams, 1-4

Gameday Chat