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Rams vs. 49ers: The Quick Five

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Once again, the Rams came out hot, only to fall apart down the stretch.

Michael Thomas

It's officially time to start panicking. Plenty of 1-3 teams have made it to the playoffs in the modern era of the NFL. For a slow starting team like the Rams, after two nearly there performances, it seemed like it was far-fetched, but possible.

With a impressive young QB, and offense that finally looked capable...just maybe they had a shot. Not anymore. Only one team has ever come back from 1-4 to make the playoffs in the modern era (2002 Jets), and the Rams are too painfully inconsistent and in too tough a division for that to realistically happen.

Overall, it looks like it's going to get uglier for before it gets better.

red down

Janoris Jenkins, CB

Janoris was burned. Badly. He let the first 49ers touchdown occur seconds before the end of the half, and had a hand in the second, playing so soft against his man that he was well under the pass. When you play one-on-one with no safety help (another issue entirely), the play must stay in front of you. C'mon man.

red down

Jeff Fisher, HC

Guess what? You're probably getting fired. After three years, five first round draft picks and over 100 million spent on free agents, the Rams are looking at another top ten draft pick and a losing season mired by miscues and penalties. Cutting Ray Ray Armstrong is not going to solve your penalty problems. You don't get to year four as a head coach by losing more games every year, period.

Green Up

Jared Cook, TE

I'm pretty hard on Jared Cook and others are as well. There are a lot of flaws to his game. But with Austin Davis, he's made some great catches and has become a go-to-guy for the offense. He's not perfect, but Cook is consistently making plays. That's why the Rams brought him in and it's finally starting to pay off.

red down

Robert Quinn, DE

Quinn just flat out looks slow. I'm not sure how you can explain the Rams historically terrible pass rush, but Quinn isn't helping anything. He was constantly being subbed-in and out (which is common) but looked slow off the snap and slow off the edge when he often went to his signature speed rush the entire game.

Green Up

Greg Robinson, LG

So, help me out here. Greg Robinson went up against one of the best defensive lineman in Justin Smith and came out...not too bad? He was better at run blocking, but his strength and power were evident the entire game. I'm kind of at a loss for words on this one. Robinson came in and immediately played better than Davin Joseph. Why was he on the bench again?