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Sunday Open Thread

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The Rams are coming tomorrow to cap off NFL's Week 6. Today, though, 26 other teams take another step forward in their 2014 season.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

A full day of NFL action lay ahead with the Rams sitting out until tomorrow night.

Here's what's coming.

1:00pm ET

Jaguars (0-5) at Titans (1-4)

Yipes. Is it too early to just look a this one for the draft order? No. No it's not.

Ravens (3-2) at Buccaneers (1-4)

Winnable road game for the Ravens here as they head to the site of the Rams' lone win back in week 2. Amid the crowded NFC North, they're gonna need to keep pace. This could be worth some time.

Broncos (3-1) at Jets (1-4)

The Jets are on the verge of collapse. Peyton's already in the playoffs.

Lions (3-2) at Vikings (2-3)

Teddy Bridgewater's back, so this could be a solid option among the early games to see how the NFC North is unclustering.

Patriots (3-2) at Bills (3-2)

Another week, another set of questions about the end of Tom Brady and Bill Belichick. I'm not all that attracted to the AFC East, but with these two battling for the top spot, it's fair viewing.

Panthers (3-2) at Bengals (3-1)

Cincy went into an early week four bye with a perfect 3-0 start. They came out with a demoralizing loss against the Pats. Meanwhile, Carolina's running back corps is injury-thick, but that's allayed by the emergence of rookie WR Kelvin Benjamin. Could be a good show.

Steelers (3-2) at Browns (2-2)

The AFC North shouldn't play football until November. If Pittsburgh is playing Cleveland and it's not like 20 degrees and muddy, just cancel the game.

Packers (3-2) at Dolphins (2-2)

What a weird matchup. Miami's got one of the best rushing offenses while Green Bay's last in rushing yards allowed per. But let's be real. You can't count out Aaron Rodgers. This is in the mix too.

4:00pm ET

Chargers (4-1) at Raiders (0-4)

Amid the Los Angeles discussions that include the Rams and these two, you've got what certainly looks like a lopsided win on paper here for San Diego. Hard to see when, or how, the Raiders right the ship.

Cowboys (4-1) at Seahawks (3-1)

Yall don't need me to say much here. This is yes.

Redskins (1-4) at Cardinals (3-1)

This one's interesting as well. QB Kirk Cousins and the Skins are on a three-game skid while Arizona had their record blemished by a loss to the Broncos off their early bye. A win by the Cardinals and a hobbled Carson Palmer puts them in prime position through five games and sends Washington spiraling out of control. The opposite would be ultimately confusing and I've got Washington by two touchdowns.

Bears (2-3) at Falcons (2-3)

Steven Jackson, currently 20th all-time in rushing yards, needs just 81 more to hit 11,000 and just 49 more to pass Warrick Dunn at 19. I heartily endorse this.

8:30pm ET

Giants (3-2) at Eagles (4-1)

A lot depends on the outcome of the Dallas-Seattle game, because the NFC East is turning out to be quite a race thus far. Tonight should be fun.