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Week 7 College Open Thread

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Fresh off the Chaos, college football is now in full weird mode. Last week, you had to strap in and bear the discomfort. Now, sit back and enjoy the ride.

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The watchlist is on a bye week this week after the fatigue that set in late Saturday night a week ago. Chaos is tiring.

In any case, the college landscape has been shredded, a new field left in its wake to be taken apart. That gets going today. Instead of an open thread, let's just scan today's offerings:


#13 Georgia (4-1) at #23 Missouri (4-1) - CBS

Well, Gone Gurley is now officially in theaters. Still, you get a matchup of the best teams from the SEC East with Georgia's defense and a balanced Missouri team who might have a top 1st round option in DE Shane Ray.

Texas (2-3) at #11 Oklahoma (4-1)* - ABC

* - Played at neutral site (Cotton Bowl, Dallas, TX)

Most of the long-time TSTers know this game was my entry into college football. Dallas turned into the epicenter of the college football world when these two were perennial top 10 programs. The Longhorns are in rebuild mode under new head coach Charlie Strong, but a win here would indicate the program has a clear trajectory on the up and up. Throw in a ton of draft talent, and yall know damn well where I'm at come noon.


#2 Auburn (5-0) at #3 Mississippi St. (5-0) - CBS

Words do not suffice.

#9 TCU (4-0) at #5 Baylor (5-0) - ABC/ESPN2 (coverage map)

You've got trenches talent in Baylor OT Spencer Drango and DE Shawn Oakman and TCU DE Devonte Fields leading the way from a draft perspective. You've also got the two remaining undefeateds from the Big XII in play. Only one shall survive...

Late options

6:00pm: #7 Alabama (4-1) at Arkansas (3-2) - ESPN

Arkansas' two losses were to then-#6 Auburn and then-#6 Texas A&M, the latter coming in overtime, so don't underrate Arkansas. The key here is if Alabama gets trapped here after the loss to Ole Miss with a Texas A&M matchup next week.

9:00pm: #3 Ole Miss (5-0) at #14 Texas A&M (5-1) - ESPN

Ole Miss is built around the youth that's not 2015 draft-eligible, but the sky's the limit for this team as long as Good Dr. Bo is showing up in the big moments. This program is blowing up. Meanwhile, A&M's sole loss came last week against Mississippi St., but Head Coach (and future NFL head coach...) Kevin Sumlin has this offense on fire. They've got Alabama next week, so it's tough sledding here.

10:30pm: USC (3-2) at #10 Arizona (5-0)

Arizona! Five and 0! What a world.

Here's the author's note where I mention that #1 Florida St. and #6 Notre Dame are playing upset candidates in Syracuse and North Carolina, respectively, but they're facing each other next week in one of the biggest games of the season.