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Rams-49ers: Players to Watch MNF Edition

Monday Night Football lights shine bright. Which Rams players will shine the brightest?

Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

Are you ready for some (Monday Night) football? The St. Louis Rams are hosting the San Francisco 49ers at the Edward Jones Dome. Word 'round the internets is you can get into the game for as low as $8.

The 49ers have also had their fair share of uh-ohs this season, but they still have managed a 3-2 record. Colin Kaepernick has been prone to turning the ball over a bit more thus far, and the 49ers' offensive line has not been all peaches 'n cream either.

These holes in the 9ers' game can give the Rams' an opportunity to exploit and earn their first victory at home.

Here are five players that are able to help key in & get that W.

Players To Watch

Aaron Donald

The Rams defense has one sack. Let me repeat that again, ONE SACK!!!! Who the bloody hell would have seen this coming from a defensive line dubbed as #SackCity?

Donald is the sole owner of that sack. He creates an absurd amount of pressure up the middle. Yet, Donald is played about 20 snaps less than Michael Brockers and Kendall Langford, according to Football Outsiders.

Donald needs to be rotated into the D-Line more. Aaron will create more pressure on the quarterback. More pressure equals more sacks.

Davin Joseph

Is Davin Joseph really the best we can do at guard at this moment? According to Pro Football Focus, Joseph has somehow already accrued an overall grade of -8.3. Davin has been horrendous in pass protection. His best pass blocking grade was a -.2, and I'll just leave it at that.

It is head scratching how Greg Robinson has not been inserted into the O-Line.  I honestly do not know what this coaching. It would serve Robinson better if he had some on the job training. He can't do much worse than Davin. I can almost surely say that as fact.

Jake Long

Jake Long sure is taking some time shaking off the rust. As you have heard before, the seventh-year pro is coming back from an ACL tear. Last year, Jake played close to his former Pro Bowl-level. Jake helped clear running lanes for running back Zac Stacy. In fact, his 22.3 overall PFF grade was mostly do to his 17.9 run blocking grade.

Flash forward to this year, Jake is merely managing a 1.8 overall grade. Throw in the fact that he's already allowed two sacks, two QB hits, and 10 hurries, one has to question if he will regain his form this season.

Brian Quick

We know what Brian Quick brings to the table. He has set highs for yards (322) and  touchdowns (3) in a season, with 12 games left to go. He registered his first career two-TD game as well.

What's left for B-Quick to do? Amass 100+ yards in a game, 10+ catches in a game. Oh, and perform when the big, bright lights are on. Monday night is the night for Quick to show out.

Robert Quinn

Speaking of showing out, Quinn NEEDS to burst onto the scene this week. How is it possible for the runner-up for the Deacon Jones Award to not have a sack five games into the season? I mean, It's gonna happen eventually, right? Sooner than later, right?


So there you have it, folks. Five players to watch. Will they shine bright? Or will the be as dull as Kaolinite?

Got any more players you'd like to keep a close eye on? Go at it below.