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Dude! Where's my Dline?

The second coming of the Fearsome Foursome has yet to materialize. What happened?

Michael B. Thomas

You probably know the 2013 stats: 19 sacks by Robert Quinn alone, 56 for the team. Almost endless pressure on opposing quarterbacks and solid run stopping...well, at least in the later part of the season. Yep, 2013 saw the emergence of an elite defensive line for the St. Louis Rams. Fans and experts around the league rejoiced and took notice. The Rams had a truly great unit. A unit to be feared. Indeed, the genesis of the Fearsome Foursome 2.0. At long last, the Rams had something on the field that every team in the league would be forced to respect. It had been a long time.

Then it got even better! With the 13th pick over all in the 2014 draft, the Rams snatched Aaron Donald out of Pittsburgh and the NFC West shuddered. There were nearly cries of "Unfair!" And not just the front four either, there was depth! So much depth, that after a solid preseason outing, the SEC's DPOY, Michael Sam got cut.

Fans were salivating all during the long lull before the season began. They could not wait to see this unit in action. Winning games seemed secondary to watching this front four lay down a scorched earth policy on opposing backs. It was going to be brutal and rapturous to behold! Angels were singing, clouds parting and stars aligning. At last! Victory and Vengeance would don the horns!

And then the season started.

465 rushing yards yielded and only one sack. 155 rushing yards per game and the one sack only happened because of a fumbled snap in the Minnesota game. Pressure has been non existent. Just what in the bloody hell happened?

The ankle injury to Chris Long, certainly didn't help, but with that aforementioned depth, it simply can't be the entire story. William Hayes, Long's replacement, may not be a world beater, but he is very capable. This unit is accomplishing...nothing.

Given the recent hub-bub in my life lately(which explains my absence here, in case you noticed), I have only been able to watch two games...naturally, the two losses and I had to go down to the local watering hole to do that. During the Viking raid into the Edward Jones Dome, on a 3rd and 7, an obvious passing situation, I count three rushers. Three! The grimace on my face was noticed by the bartender and she inquired if my beer was ok. I assured her that it was, but told her to get me Gregg Williams on the phone. STAT! Despite the offer of a huge tip and a valiant effort, she was unable to get me connected. I tried guys, I really did.

This three man rush, is unfathomable. It makes. No. Sense. The defensive squad is built as a traditional 4-3 and has this huge amount of talent up front. Why is it being squandered? It is even more ridiculous than that spread offense thingy of last year.

I have no answer for that last question. For whatever reason, the three man rush must have made sense in coach/team meetings and the practice field. How, I don't know.

However, I bet that I know who does have the answer.

Head coach, Jeff Fisher.

Love him or hate him, there is no doubt that coach Fisher is an adherent of Albert Einsteins definition of insanity.

Insanity: Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

It is not working, and Fisher will chuck it where it belongs - in the deepest, darkest, most secluded garbage can in the EJD... Mo Alexander's replacement, wearing a full bio-hazard suite and closely guarded by a Marine Force Recon detachment, will dispatch it into the pits of Hell furnace. He did it to the spread offense thingy, he will do it to the three man rush thingy.

Trust the 'stache