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Random Ramsdom October 1...Up in the Air

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So, after four weeks - the last one a bye for the Rams - the queries fly thick and fast. Can the defense step up? Where is Robert Quinn? Can the offense keep doing what they are doing? Who will start at quarterback? How about those needless penalties? What adjustments can we expect after this week off? The fact is, that we will just have to wait and see... The answers are all up in the air...

Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

Cowboys pay homage to Tom Landry -Dallas Cowboys Official Site

Maybe it is too soon after that frustrating loss to the Cowboys, but you have to admit that Tom Landry was a class act during his many years in Dallas. I think this is very cool.

Which players around the league have had the biggest impact so far? -NY Times

J.J. Watts. Beast.

Three of five offensive line starters back on the roster in Philly

Lane Johnson returns from a four game suspension and maybe - just maybe - they can get their act together in time for the Rams visit on Sunday. Like the Eagles Oline, the Rams Dline has been less than impressive so far this season. Which unit will win out?

Q & A with Janoris Jenkins-

Bernie's Musings -St. Louis Post-Dispatch

Bernie Miklasz gives us some random musings on the immediate future of the Rams with an emphasis on the looming Eagles game. Answer one stupid poll question to view the whole article...those idiots.

Crucial match-ups on Sunday -Bleacher Report

McCoy vs Rams front seven? Jason Peters vs. Robert Quinn? Much could happen here and it is in these areas that the game will be won or lost. The Rams run defense has been horrendous, but then so has McCoy's running. Like Bleacher Report, I will pick Robert Quinn. He ain't going this season without a sack and Nick Foles is a damn fine pick to whet his appetite.

Know your enemy...from your enemy -Seahawks Official Site

A quick look around the NFC West from the Seahawks point of view. The obvious joy at San Fransisco's struggles are a tad amusing. The condescension shown the Rams and Cardinals is not.

The skinny on the 49ers run defense.'s pretty good -SFGate

Despite the loss of some defensive superstars(All-Pro linebackers NaVorro Bowman (knee) and Aldon Smith (suspension)), the 49ers run defense has been crushing.

All right Rams fans, let's get October started off right...