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Rams GM Les Snead talks 2014 NFL Draft, players, development and more

The Rams general manager gave a wide-ranging interview about the state of the team, the offseason work ahead and lots more.

St. Louis Rams GM Les Snead sat down with the team's corporate partner 101 ESPN on Wednesday. Unlike the usual rounds of hot takes and quippy segments punctuated by classic rock riffs, Snead gave a wide-ranging interview on a host of pressing offseason topics the team is facing.

(Okay, you'll have to put up with the forced DeMarco Farr hilarity, but hang in there ... it's worth it).

Some highlights ...

Still deciding on what to do with the second pick: "It's way too early in the game ..." (6:50)

There may be a player they want to take. The value of the pick may still be hinge on what other teams are doing.

Offensive line: "That's a particular position that you can develop, and usually they come out of nowhere." (7:45)

He does expect Jake Long to be back for Week 1. However, he's pretty clear that they won't push him to be ready by Week 1 if he's not ready.

Sam Bradford: "Definitely committed." (10:15)

He does cite Andy Dalton, so ... The most interesting thing he says about the QB situation is really biggest conundrum: who do you replace him with?

From there they get into the draft process and more. They could have gone deeper with the questions. For instance, when they're talking about Stedman Bailey, why not ask Snead why they didn't play him until late? I know what the answer would probably be. Or asked about Brian Quick, Snead says they've always said he needed time ... which just isn't the case when you go back and look at what they said after the 2012 draft.

It's pretty clear the deejays know who pays their bills. Nevertheless, it's definitely worth a listen.