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Random Ramsdom: St. Louis Rams’ News, Johnny Football Declares, & NFL Mock Drafts

Johnny Manziel will enter the 2014 NFL Draft. The St. Louis Rams may [or may not] be interested in drafting him. Either way, his declaration could very well affect the Rams’ future.



The Worst #_____Cam Ever:

Dunk Cam? I’m not even sure what this is. I am, however, certain that it’s an epic failure of something that makes people laugh…and far from original.

Goodell Says Playoff Expansion Under Serious Consideration: CBS Sports

"That is under serious consideration," he said during an interview with former Associated Press White House correspondent Ben Feller (via "We think it's one of the great things about the NFL, besides the fact that it's unscripted. Every team and their fans start the season with hope. You mentioned the fact that for 11 straight years we've had a team go from last to first, that's unique to professional football and the NFL, that doesn't happen in other sports. And that's because we have such a competitive league and we want to keep that."

Titans’ RB Johnson Wants More Carries, Or To Move On: CBS Sports

Jeff Fisher coached the Titans. Jeff Fisher drafted Chris Johnson with the 24th overall pick in the 2008 NFL draft. CJ2K is not happy. Jeff Fisher takes players from the Tennessee Titans. Could Jeff Fisher be interested in an unhappy RB? Would you?

The Best Fit For Johnny Manziel? Yahoo! Sports

They honestly find themselves in the ideal position to draft Manziel, assuming he doesn't go first, and could add him to an offensive mix that is rounding into form. With the injury-prone Sam Bradford appearing to have all the support he needs from management now, and GM Les Snead already having sent out signals that the team is interested in trading down from this spot, you can't say Manziel to the Rams is a likely scenario right now.

Clemens Made Case To Stay With Rams: ESPN NFC West

The ACL injury that cost Sam Bradford more than half the 2013 season highlighted the importance of finding a young quarterback with upside who can step in, play and give the team some long-term value.

Manziel A Possible Rams’ Bargaining Chip: ESPN NFC West

If indeed the St. Louis Rams are looking to continue perpetuating the deal they made with the Washington Redskins in 2012 by trading down and adding even more high-value future picks, Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel's declaration that he's entering the 2014 NFL draft does nothing but strengthen their position.

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Wired: Best of 2013: St. Louis Rams’ Official Site

Do you want to know what your favorite players are saying before - and during - the games? Click. This. Link!

No News. No News, Friend: Draft Breakdown

I’m really not sure how to put a Drake lyric and a double entendre to better use. Regardless, this site has excellent video breakdowns of NFL Draft prospects. Again, not news, but if you’re not familiar…familiarize yo-self!

Will The Rams Make a "Splash" In Free Agency?: Ramblin’ Fan

Prior to the Les Snead and Jeff Fisher era, the terms ‘big name’ free agent and ‘St. Louis Rams’ were never uttered in the same sentence. Since then, they have made a number of large acquisitions over the off season, including Cortland Finnegan, Scott Wells, and, most recently, both Jared Cook and Jake Long. A young, up-and-coming squad with a "player’s coach" is always enticing to free agents, but will the St. Louis Rams make any moves this off season?

An Evaluation On Brian Quick’s 2013 Season: Ramblin’ Fan

Back in 2012, the St.Louis Rams drafted who they thought would be their number one receiver of the future in Brian Quick in the second round, with the 33rd overall pick. That could still be the case, but with fans growing impatient, its beginning to look more and more like Quick will be just another disappointing draft bust.

A 2014 NFL Mock Draft: Walter Football

Now, I’m not going to go as far as to say that ol’ Wally took my idea [because I’m certainly not the only one who’s ‘mocked outside the box’] but he’s got the Rams picking at six, after a draft-day trade with the Falcons. I did too. He somehow manages to draft the exact same players that he has for weeks, though. I win.

“Already made the wrong decision…"

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