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2014 NFL Awards: Best of the Best

SB Nation is handing out their season awards, including one going to a certain Ram...

Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

With the NFL season over for all but the remaining eight teams in action this weekend, it's an appropriate time to hand out some season-long awards. Over at the mothership, they did just that this morning. Let's see if there's anything all that disagreeable here.

Offensive MVP: QB Peyton Manning, Denver Broncos

Record for touchdowns and yards in a single season? Next.

Defensive MVP: DE Robert Quinn, St. Louis Rams

Well, I'd guess we're a bit biased here. And certainly Carolina LB Luke Kuechly, Indianapolis DE Robert Mathis and Seattle CB Richard Sherman have a case to make. I won't go against Quinn though.

Coach of the Year: Andy Reid, Kansas City Chiefs

Not my pick, but not out of bounds. I would've gone with Chip Kelly. Reid was able to turn the team around, but not without some key personnel moves (bringing in Alex Smith & Donnie Avery, and a late blooming #1 overall pick OT Eric Fisher) to add to a pretty solid roster already. Kelly took over a Philly team that needed to move on from Michael Vick and turned Nick Foles into a 27 TD/2 INT product that nearly picked up a postseason win. Then again, Reid's Chiefs had a 28-point lead in the second half in Indy this weekend...

Rookie of the Year: RB Eddie Lacy, Green Bay Packers

He wasn't the mark of consistency by any means, but he eclipsed 1k as a rookie. That always puts you in the discussion. I would probably have nodded at San Diego WR Keenan Allen who broke the thousand yard mark as a receiver, one of just 17 rookies in the history of the NFL to hit that milestone. Kiko Alonso deserves to be included here, and is unfortunately underserved by a Buffalo team that doesn't attract a ton of attention right now.

Super Bowl Pick: Seattle Seahawks

NO! NOT ALLOWED. SYSTEM DOWN, SYSTEM DOWN. No Seahawks, No Niners. Just no.

Anybody left out of the SBN award lists that you would have included? Any outright snubs?