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Rams interested in mediocre QBs?

For the latest on the Rams' draft interests, we turned to the source: Les Snead's wife's Twitter account.

Kevin C. Cox

There is no good way to discern what Rams GM Les Snead is thinking when it comes to the 2014 NFL Draft. He's essentially written off every possible pick for the No. 2 spot, in the even that the Rams cannot trade down. So deciphering the draft board this time of year requires thinking outside the box ... way, way, way outside the box.

Downstairs in the TST lab, our researchers think they may have stumbled upon one way to read some tea leaves when they looked at the college prospects being followed by Kara Henderson Snead, the GM's wife. The GM isn't on Twitter, so maybe it's an inconspicuous way to keep a bead on a young player. Or maybe it's total B.S. Probably the later.

At any rate, we found Mrs. Snead following South Carolina defensive end Jadeveon Clowney, one of those potential No. 2 picks her husband has waved off. Clowney is the only NFL prospect she follows ... well, he WAS the only NFL prospect she follows.

She's since added a pair of mid- to late-round quarterbacks, the very same kind the Rams are thought to be targeting in this year's draft.



* if there's anything to this crazy theory

Murray looks like a seventh-round pick. McCarron's a little better, but his real value is tied to his mom and girlfriend making racist tweets.