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Skip Bayless has some hot takes for Tavon Austin (VIDEO)

Once a troll, always a troll.

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

The sad part of this is that ESPN continues to prop up Skip Bayless like he's some kind of asset. Maybe he is. Maybe the money the network's daytime trash generates outweighs the need to be reasonable or create interesting content. FUCK THAT. Have some hot takes America!

Here's Tavon Austin on "First Take" Wednesday, where the doddering old man who makes a lot of money to act bat shit crazy, asked him if Jeff Fisher was trying to undermine his career, a la Vince Young.


Forget the context between Young and Fisher and the Titans' former owner. Forget the fact that Fisher calls the shots for the football program in St. Louis.

Ah, to hell with it, it's really not worth getting too indignant about it because you just expect it. More importantly, why feed the beast.

Here it is for your viewing pleasure.