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Random Ramsdom: So Long Tim Walton. Hello Gregg Williams!

Whew! What a Wednesday. Hirings…firings. As we quickly approach Super Bowl Sunday, the St. Louis Rams stole a bit of the spotlight from the Broncos and…the other team.

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So Long Tim Walton! Rams Fire Defensive Coordinator: Pro Football Talk

For those of you who watched Rams’ games this year, you know that Tim Walton disappointed in his first season as defensive coordinator in the St. Louis [and the NFL]. It comes as little surprise, despite the timing, that he’s now been let go. And, for those who didn’t watch the Rams’ defense this season…don’t be fooled by the stats and rankings.

Rams Hire Gregg Williams as Defensive Coordinator: CBS Sports

Heeeee’s baaaaaack! Former Saints [and momentarily Rams] defensive coordinator Gregg Williams, one of the main faces behind the Bountygate scandal, has been hired and given a multi-year deal by the Rams for the defensive coordinator job. Crew Votes Defensive Player of the Year:

The night before Super Bowl XLVIII, the NFL will salute its best players and plays from the 2013 season with "NFL Honors." Robert Quinn had a phenomenal year, and is certainly in contention for the league’s DPOTY award. Ian Rapoport thinks Quinn’s the guy…but the folks from don’t necessarily agree.

Ranking the Super Bowls:

Elliott Harrison takes a stab at ranking all 47 of the NFL’s Super Bowl games. It’s been a while since the Rams won one, but what a finish to Super Bowl XXXIV. How does Harrison rank the game where a last second tackle left Jeff Fisher’s Titans about half a yard short? MIKE JOOOONES!

Want to re-live that moment?

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The Number One Play That Shaped The Rams Season: ESPN

In a season full of emotionally-charged games, none brought out more for the St. Louis Rams than their Week 7 trip to take on the Carolina Panthers. Many thought the Rams’ season had abruptly come to an end when Sam Bradford was lost to a season-ending knee injury.

How the Rams Handle Trash Talking: ESPN

It should tell you all you need to know about how St. Louis Rams coach Jeff Fisher views trash talking that one of his first moves upon taking over in 2012 was signing cornerback Cortland Finnegan to a lucrative five-year contract.

Kevin Greene Hopeful For Hall-of-Fame Call: ESPN

The Pro Football Hall of Fame selection committee will convene Saturday afternoon and sift through the 15 modern era finalists. The competition, as it's been for the past nine years, will be tough. Despite his strong credentials, Greene is anything but a lock for election.

Rams Return To Williams Makes Sense: ESPN

As the St. Louis Rams announced Wednesday that they fired defensive coordinator Tim Walton, the easy reaction wasn't necessarily to wonder why he was fired but why the Rams waited so long to do it. It took all of 10 minutes to understand.

Quinn "Wired" At Pro Bowl: St. Louis Rams’ Official Site

Interested in hearing what Robert Quinn had to say while preparing - and playing - in the Pro Bowl? Of course you are! Want to see Chiefs’ LB Justin Houston do the Bernie? Thought so! Quinn does a lot of things right. He also says the things you want to hear:

"I miss it. It’s fun being here with all these special, talented guys, but…I miss the boys."

#RamsTopPlay Voting, Day 3: St. Louis Rams’ Official Site

Welcome to the 2013 #RamsTopPlay bracket! Simply watch each of the highlights and scroll to the bottom of the page to vote for your favorite play!

Rams Super Fan: Merg!

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Can Les Snead Win the GM Battle? St. Louis Post Dispatch

How can the Rams catch, and surpass, the NFC Champion Seattle Seahawks? Really the answers begin and end in the front office. The Rams, led by GM Les Snead, have to do a better job finding players than Seahawks GM John Schneider.

Faulk, Warner Discuss the State of the Rams: St. Louis Post Dispatch

During Super Bowl Media Day at the Prudential Center in Newark, the retired Rams' greats were asked about the state of the franchise under coach Jeff Fisher and GM Les Snead.

The Rams Need To Sign an Offensive Lineman in the 1st Round: Ramblin’ Fan

It has been a scary trend with Rams general manager and head coach Jeff Fisher over their careers. Neither has ever drafted an offensive lineman in the first round of a draft. NEVER…but the time is now.

Hiring Gregg Williams Was A Questionable Decision: Rant Sports

Continuity is a difficult thing to sell when a team finishes with a middling record for a second consecutive season. But when that team is the St. Louis Rams who just finished one of the worst half-decades in NFL history from 2007 to 2011 where they went an abysmal 15-65 total, perhaps sustained mediocrity isn’t so bad.

The Rams find themselves in a very fortunate position in regards to the upcoming NFL Draft. The Redskins were kind enough to win three games in 2013, essentially gift-wrapping the second overall pick. There are numerous possibilities. Check out five potential draft-day scenarios…

It’s Tavon Austin Within Inches of Stephen A. Smith…and Skip Bayless…

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Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you….the ever-so-accurate Mock Draft:

* CBS Sports
* Walter Football
* DraftTek
* SB Nation
* Bleacher Report

Happy 26th Birthday to Rams’ Tight End, Lance Kendricks!


Lance Kendricks may not frequent Twitter, but if you do, your big day should be recognized by other Rams’ fans. Tweet Brandon Bate at @NoPlanB_ if you’re interested in a birthday shout out from #RamsNation!