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Rams expected to hire Gregg Williams to replace Tim Walton, per report

The Rams may have already found their next defensive coordinator.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The St. Louis Rams announced Wednesday afternoon that defensive coordinator Tim Walton was out. Less than a hour later, reports surfaced that head coach Jeff Fisher was planning to bring in his old friend and (sort of) former Rams DC Gregg Williams.

Of course you recall the Williams saga. The Rams hired him this time last year, Fisher's first coaching hire, and the NFL suspended him indefinitely well before the team's first OTA. Why did they suspend him? Something about "killing the head," bad Power Points and bounties.

Williams shipped off the Southeast Asia for some soul searching, grew the facial hair of a man who left his existential crisis in the swamps of Laos and returned to coaching last year as the Tennessee Titans defensive assistant. That defense was actually a bright spot for the Titans last year, a season that ended with the head coach getting axed.

Fisher put some distance between his old friend after Williams was close to reinstatement, not a bad political move in a league outwardly concerned with player safety. He also fired Williams' son, Blake, who was reportedly not a good fit on the sidelines. That makes Mort's scoop a little more shocking.

Either way, you can expect this to be a more aggressive unit in 2014. Williams' teams have a knack for blitzing, and with the kind of pass rush the Rams are capable of, it could help the secondary a lot.