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Bad Lip Reading Hits the NFL

The internet is a weird place full of weird people doing weird things. Sometimes, those things are funny. This is one of those times.

I often wonder what the internet will be like in ten years.

Ten years ago, there was no YouTube. There was this weird site, The Facebook, for perverted college kids mostly. Google was a private company. MSN was the strongest web brand.

Things change, but the internet will always provide nonsensical comedic entertainment. The difference is that modern technologies, since the advent of Web 2.0 (look, if we're hearkening back to the dark days of 2004 internet...started from the bottom we here...) we've got new tools to entertain us. To waste time in the search for a moment of sincere laughter.

So while there are so many options out there to force a grin on your mug, I humbly submit the geniuses behind Bad Lip Reading and their take on the NFL. It is funny. Very. And it is everything I love about the internet in 2014.

Never change, friend. Never change.