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Senior Bowl 2014: Rams joking about Jadeveon Clowny

An unnamed Rams representative was making some draft jokes in Mobile this week.

Scott Halleran

The NFL Draft world is focused on the Senior Bowl in Mobile this week. The St. Louis Rams are well represented there, looking at prospects and talking trade with anyone who'll listen. They're even talking about a certain player they could take if they don't end up trading out of the No. 2 spot in the draft.

Via Jason Cole at the National Football Post:

A Rams coach joked about the team taking Clowney at No. 2 and putting him on the field with fellow defensive ends Robert Quinn and Chris Long, but then admitted that might be difficult.

Uh, it actually wouldn't be that far fetched to have all three players on the same team. You can work Clowney in rotationally. Or, you could shift the combinations around, moving Long inside or one of the others to exploit the right matchups. Seattle's infamous for doing this with their front seven. They're also playing in the Super Bowl. The New York Giants beat Tom Brady and the Patriots twice using a stacked defensive line.

But, hey, an overabundance of talent is obviously a problem. I kid.

Les Snead's been open about the kind of talent Clowney possesses. And then there's the fact that his wife started following him on Twitter. All of which obviously points to a grand conspiracy about who they'll be drafting. Or not. Probably not.

On another note, Cole's article is focused on the plethora of teams looking to trade and acquire more second- and third-round picks in the draft. That could certainly bode well for the Rams. It could also depress the asking prices if too many other teams are willing to sell their spot. Remember, too, that the 13th overall pick is another viable trade chip for the Rams, should they not move the second pick.