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St. Louis Rams: Going Long! A Recap of the Season’s Longest Plays [Gifs]

While St. Louis Rams fans look forward to the upcoming offseason, it’s important not to forget about some of the great moments of 2013. Let’s take a look back at the season’s longest, most exhilarating plays…

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With a few free moments on my hands this Championship Sunday morning, I carved up some gifs highlighting a few of the longest plays of the Rams’ 2013 season. Warning: Fans of the Colts, Bears, and Texans should probably turn back at this point...

Longest Completion

Kellen Clemens: 81-yard Touchdown Pass to Tavon Austin [Wk 10 @ Colts]

Runner Up: Sam Bradford: 73-yard Completion to Brian Quick [Week 7 @ Panthers]

Longest Run

Tavon Austin: 65 Yards [Week 12 vs. Bears]

Runner Up: Benny Cunningham: 56 Yards [Week 10 @ Colts]

Longest Fumble Recovery

Chris Long: 45-yard fumble recovery for a touchdown [Week 10 @ Colts]

Runner Up: Robert Quinn 31-yard fumble recovery for a touchdown [Week 12 vs. Bears]

Longest Interception Return

Alec Ogletree: 98-yard Pick Six [Week 6 @ Texans]

Runner Up: Matt Giordano: 82-yard Pick Six [Week 5 vs. Jaguars]

Longest Punt Return

Tavon Austin: 98-yard Punt Return, Touchdown [Week 10 @ Colts]

Longest Kick Return

Tavon Austin & Benny Cunningham [Tied - 32 yards]

Longest Punt

Johnny Hekker: 64 Yards -- 2012 Long: 68 yards

Longest Field Goal

Greg Zuerlein: 54 yards -- 2012 Long: 60 yards


Whether reminiscing about plays like these, lamenting over corner fades to Brian Quick with the game against Seattle in hand, or discussing the future of the team, Brandon Bate is always up for a good discussion about Rams’ football. Follow him on Twitter at