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49ers vs. Seahawks Who Are You Rooting Against?

Which team will lose on Sunday?

Home of the NFC Championship
Home of the NFC Championship
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The worst outcome happened this week: the Seattle Seahawks will be hosting the San Francisco 49ers this Sunday in the NFC Championship Game. Which means one of the St. Louis Rams division rivals will participate in the big game in February, the Super Bowl.

To top it all off, if one of these two teams win the Super Bowl, there's no way to feel better because both teams swept the Rams this year. Granted, the Rams had the Seahawks at home - on the ropes and dazed - but they just couldn't seal the deal for a win.

So here we are, six days until one of the Rams' rivals will advance to the "big dance". So the question is: Which team do you think won't advance (I won't ask who you're rooting for, because rooting against the team you hate, honestly sounds better).

Personally, the Seahawks are the team I'm rooting against for a few reasons. The main reason is because the Seahawks have a top 3 roster and could probably win the Superbowl. Also, the Seahawks are trying to gain every advantage possible this week. They are basically blocking credit card ticket purchases from anyone outside "Seahawk" country ( Washington, Oregon, Idaho, etc). I just want them to do this, and then find a way to lose.

So I'm asking you guys: Which of these teams can you not stomach enough that you have to root against them?