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NFL Playoffs Open Thread: Saints-Seahawks, Colts-Patriots

In the NFL playoff quarterfinals, we return to the scene of Beast Quake for a 12th Man-Who Dat rematch and find out how deep the Andrew Luck narrative goes as he travels to Foxboro to battle Tom Brady.

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

A pair of sophomore QB standouts battle two of the league's most seasoned (and Hall of Fame ready...) veterans in today's two divisional round matchups.

New Orleans Saints at Seattle Seahawks

Narratives, narratives, everywhere!

Brees v. Wilson.

The rematch three years later.

Beast Quake 2.0.

Seattle's pass defense against the Saints' aerial attack.

The Saint's porous rushing defense against one of the best ground games in the league.

Yay, playoffs football.

Indianapolis Colts at New England Patriots

Plenty of narratives, but less flashy football with a lot of question marks.

It looks like a game of #weather, so be prepared for plenty of discussion on that front. And yes, if you're buying into the thread that Andrew Luck is the second coming of Peyton Manning, the playoff/outdoor weather thing would be a good thing to overcome early in his career.

And while Indianapolis was able to mount one of the greatest comebacks in sports history last go round, they won't have a home crowd to help them this time. Might not want to give Bradychick a four touchdown lead because the Patriot Way OHGODTHEVOMITISGOINGEVERYWHERE.

It's playoff football. Settle in and enjoy. (and go Saints...)