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New Year's Day Bowl Games Thread


There's the Outback and Cotton, the Rose and Fiesta. Add in the Capital One and Gator, and there's a full slate of football today - with the word "Bowl" attached to them?

The UNLV - North Texas Cotton Bowl

My oh my, how this Bowl game has changed. For years, the Cotton Bowl was among the biggest games of the year. It featured teams headed for national championships, ands slews of future NFL players. I'm not banging on an obvious clash of football titans like UNLV and...Gulp! North Nexas... OK, I am! Yo! Cotton Bowl organizers: You need to start thinking about possible teams earlier, and maybe throw in a few goodie-bags for visiting team officials. Seriously though, what exactly did you do to drive off even the University of Texas from appearing in your Bowl game?

Nebraska - Georgia Gator Bowl

This is actually a great match up if you like defense. Both have quite a few players who'll be on NFL scouting radars for late rounds in the 2014 NFL Draft. For Georgia, they be without quarterback Aaron Murray, who has seen his stock drop since he suffered an ACL injury.

Baylor - UCF Fiesta Bowl

According to Mocking the Draft's Matthew Fairburn: a potential Rams interest -  Cyril Richardson may be a player to watch at offensive guard.

Stanford - Michigan State Rose Bowl

Mocking the Draft's Dan Kadar is calling this game to be a defensive battle, but it's also loaded with possible NFL talent.

LSU - Iowa Outback Bowl

Dan's got the inside scoop on - are you ready for it: LSU players who could be of interest in the coming NFL Draft. LSU? As if... Just kidding, since it seems most Top 100 prospect lists over the last 5 years read like LSU rosters. Iowa - known for offensive linemen in the past - has a few players to keep an eye on, with tight end C.J. Fiedorowicz heading the list.

Wisconsin - South Clowney Carolina Capital One Bowl

You've read about him, seen his speeding tickets and his requests for days off before games. That's right! It's Clowney Time! Drop in and see if one of the most looked at college players - who plays defensive end - deserves being mentioned in the Top 2 or 3 prospects in the coming NFL Draft.

Enjoy your New Year's Day college bowl games!