TJ Mcdonald  (haters)???

TJ Mcdonald came out to play for his first NFL game. Everytime there was a big hit being delivered from the secondary it seemed to be #25. A few of these hits you came away thinking oooooooohhhhh and wondered if the Cardinal would even get up. I'm wondering where all the haters are at cause after the draft there were quite a few posters who were very upset over this draft pick with so many other safties on the board. I'm not saying TJ played a perfect game but hes already becoming a player we all wanted at the safety position. Now if TJ can make a few big plays in coverage getting a big INT when the defense needs one. I also say Mcleod played pretty well also and what was considered a big question mark going into this season maybe the 2 starting safties led by a rookie questionable draft pick by most leading the way. As this secondary gains more experience throughout the season this defense can only get better. Palmer through some nice passes this past weekend making this Cardinal team better than I think we all gave them credit for. Finnegan gave up some passes but was all over the wr more than a few time with the wr making nice catches. Cant wait to see this secondary come of age they have the talent to be very good