Why we shouldn't worry about Tavon's debut

Tavon Austin is a special player with a great set of skills. He is one of the fastest players in the NFL and despite his size, he is a tough guy to tackle. I'm really excited to see him explode. I really was hoping he would impact the game more than he did but overall I'm not worried about Schotty's gameplan for him. He will find a way to give Austin the ball.

Aj Green had 41 yards on 1 catch for 1 TD. He was targeted 4 times in his debut. Julio Jones had 5 catches on 6 targets for 72 yards. That is better than Green's debut but not amazing compared to what he does today. Finally, Tavon's numbers from his debut Sunday: 6 catches 7 targets for 41 yards. He received more targets than either of the two listed above. Rookie WRs rarely have big games in their debut.

Schotty gave Tavon the ball in where he could try to make something happen, it didn't happen. Please, don't worry about the play calling, Tavon will get his opportunity this year to show what he is made of.

Also, just one more rookie debut, Torry "Big Game" Holt had 3 catches for 36 yards and a TD in his debut.