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Turf Show Radio: Tomorrow, Sept. 10, 9pm ET (Update: Poll feedback needed!)

The Rams are, for the first time in a long, long time, 1-0. 3k recaps the Cardinals game and looks ahead to Atlanta.

Scott Rovak-USA TODAY Sports


Oh, its on.

Rams 1-0? Check. Steven Jackson storylines aplenty comin down the pipe? Checkity check ya self before you wreck ya self.

Turf Show Radio is a must.

We're going to start cranking this out every week, Tuesdays at 9pm ET, and we want you to be part of the show. Hell, we want you to be the most important part of the show.

The idea this season for TSR is simple: guests + fantasy football + you=good show. At least that's the idea.

Y'all know the deal. No holds barred, no censors, no tacos. Ok maybe some tacos because tacos are awesome, but mostly football stuff.

So hit us up tomorrow night. You can call in at (347) 857-1022, and after we talk to Dave Choate from the Falcoholic to preview all things Falcons and resident FF guru Mike D, we're opening up the lines to you guys. Sure, you can use this thread or comment on the show page tomorrow night. But the best way to get your questions and opinions on the record?

Holler at us.

UPDATE: So Brandon Birkhead apparently can't make Tuesdays. And since the world revolves around him (seriously though, he calls in and we like our P1s, so...), let's open this up to yall. When do you guys want the show? Tuesday made the most sense to us instinctively, since it's after Monday Night Football and a great chance to recap the week that was and look ahead to the next week of football. So let us know what you guys think. We'll try to accommodate as often as we can.