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Cortland Finnegan vows no more personal foul penalties

The Rams veteran cornerback put his team in some tough situations with bad penalties.

Dilip Vishwanat

The St. Louis Rams got seven flags thrown at them during Sunday's win against the Arizona Cardinals. Cortland Finnegan had two of the Rams' penalties, both personal fouls, for a total loss of 18 yards. He promised after the game that those would be his last for the season.

"I just can't do that. I've got it all out of my system. We've got 15 more (games), you won't get another one out of me. You don't want to hurt the team. I did that today. I'm glad we got a win. You've just got to learn from that."

Finnegan delivered a late hit on Michael Floyd in the second quarter, putting the Cardinals in chip shot field goal range. He did it again in the third quarter, with another late hit. The first one cost the Rams 13 penalty yards, the second one was worth 15.

The veteran corner drew a third flag for illegal contact, but the Cardinals declined the penalty.

It was the kind of performance that summed up the entire outing for the Rams: frustrating, self-inflicted, but ultimately something the team was able to overcome. But the schedule gets tougher after this week, with a trip to Atlanta on the calendar. Finnegan's going to have to hold to his vow if the Rams are going to start holding their own against better teams.