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Instant Reaction: St. Louis Rams 27 Arizona Cardinals 24


Dilip Vishwanat

It doesn't matter how you do it, it just matters that it's done.

The Rams are 1-0.

Jared Cook was huge, catching 7 pass for 141 yards and 2 TDs. It should have been three, but he was stripped at the five yard line by Tyrann Mathieu before he crossed the plane. Besides that, Jared Cook was worth the money.

Sam Bradford was very good today. He looks confident and was throwing with more power and moxie.

The Rams gave up zero sacks today. The Arizona Cardinals have some decent pass rushers. This is a great achievement for the Rams new look offensive line. Jake Long was tremendous in pass protection all day.

Penalties are still a huge problem for the Rams. By my count, there was seven, four of which were of the personal foul variety. This needs to be fixed now.

The Rams kept playing soft coverage despite the great success Arizona was having against it. Robert Quinn was huge in the game, and his three sacks were able to help stop the Cardinals from doing more damage.

Play calling was in a word, disgusting today. Brian Schottenheimer was calling an extremely conservative and predicatable game. The only exception was a QB draw for a two point conversion.

So far it looks like all the talk of the Rams having secret plans for Tavon Austin and Jared Cook in the regular season was smoke. End arounds and short passes are not creative or effective plays for Tavon Austin. They are cookie cutter and vanilla. I'm concerned that Brian Schottenheimer has no idea how to use his new weapons.

What really matters is the Rams won the game and have started off the year with a victory for the first time since 2006.

1-0 never sounded so sweet. GO RAMS!