Quite possibly the most interesting read in awhile

I know journalist now a days see an article they like and jack it with out giving credit, that "ain't me."

Nick Wagoner wrote a splendid piece on the comparison to building around Bradford at O.U. and Bradford in St. Lou.

"In the years before Bradford arrived on the Oklahoma campus, the Sooners were a run-heavy team, making the easy decision to put the ball in the hands of running backs like Adrian Peterson. Oklahoma ran the ball 61 percent of the time in 2005 and 62 percent in 2006."

We all know the story, Bradford comes in to 2007 throwing 36 touchdowns with only 8 picks.To me shows as long as you can put trust in the pass game, Bradford will come through.

Now with it being the first year with out our "star" player Steven Jackson, i see the Rams running the ball much less and passing much more like O.U.

Regardless, like i said Wagoner wrote an amazing article HERE

MikeDQ out