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St. Louis Rams vs Arizona Cardinals: Injury Report

The Rams have 4 players out this week as they face the Arizona Cardinals in St. Louis.


The Rams released their injury report for Sunday's game against the Arizona Cardinals in St. Louis.

The list is...

Darian Stewart, S

Cory Harkey, TE

Quinton Pointer, CB

Jonathan Stewart, LB

It was known that Stewart and Harkey would be out for the Home Opener for the Rams. Rodney McLeod will play in place of Stewart. He looked good in preseason, so it will be interesting to see if McLeod will secure the starting spot this weekend.

Quinton Pointer and Jonathan Stewart are expected to be special teams contributors, so their absence may leave the Rams a little thin against the Cardinals. The Rams haven't had the best of luck stopping Patrick Peterson, so other players will have to step up this week.